Yoga For Weight Loss

yoga for weight loss

In the case of a reasonable diet, regular yoga can lose weight, but the weight loss efficiency is relatively slow, in terms of calorie consumption, less than half of the same time jogging.

Note above mentioned “diet” word, if you do that day in accordance with the running motion to arrange the day of eating at night is not running, go to a yoga class, it is likely that there will be no weight loss effects. If you want to do yoga training, you should adjust your diet and consume fewer calories than you can exercise or exercise.

At the same time, you must also be prepared to see the weight loss effect in a short time. Because weight loss is a by-product of the yoga program, it takes a long time to train to see the fat loss effect.


1. Practicing yoga can be done at all times except for meals; it is best to take three or four hours after a meal.

2. early morning or evening is a good choice.

3. the action in the evening is generally more flexible than in the morning, so the yoga posture will be done in place.

4. Practice in the evening helps to eliminate the fatigue of the day and rejuvenate.



yoga for weight loss

The location of the exercise is especially important for yoga. In annoying cities, it is difficult to find gardens or forests to practice, so choose a quiet, clean, comfortable and airy room.



You should choose a thin mat that is made of natural materials. It is too soft or too hard. The mat must support your spine.



Because yoga has a lot of distortion and stretching of the torso and limb movements, it is best to wear loose clothes, bare feet, and remove watches, belts or other accessories before starting the exercise, which may hinder the movement.



yoga for weight loss

Practice yoga should be fasting. Exercise as much as possible three or four hours after a meal. Some try to avoid eating too much greasy, spicy and easily lead to hyperacidity things; one hour after the end of the exercise before eating.



1. Don’t force yourself. When doing yoga postures and other exercises, remember not to force them. Beginners may find their muscles or ligaments stiff, and after a few weeks of routine practice, the elasticity and flexibility of their muscles and ligaments will increase.

2, tinnitus or problems with the retina should try to avoid doing those things that reverse the body.



1. Breathing through the nose throughout the whole process: nose hair can filter dirty air and harmful bacteria, and can also stabilize nerves and make your body healthier.

2. Do not eat for one hour before and after practicing yoga: keep the fasting state.

3. It is more important to grasp the slow process of body position and the feeling of body movement than to complete the posture.

4. The number of breaths when the posture is completed is limited to your own physical fitness. Beginners can maintain the number of breaths three to five times, and then slowly increase the number of times.

5. practicing yoga as long as you continue to do your best to achieve the best results.

6. half a year after surgery and women’s physiological period should not practice high difficulty.

7. high blood pressure , asthma patients and pregnant women only simple actions.


Long-term adherence to the correct yoga practice can not only achieve the effect of losing weight, but you will also get a surprise from losing a basket of weight loss. Weight loss is only a small part of the benefits you have gained.


How long you need to practice to lose weight

If your answer is one or two months or even shorter, it is normal to not lose it, because the weight loss effect of yoga is very slow, and it will take too long to be reduced, which varies from person to person. Three months? Half a year? One year? There is no fixed number.

Although yoga is slow to lose weight, it is certain that through orthodox yoga practice, once it is reduced, there will be little rebound. If you only use yoga as an ordinary exercise method and only focus on the strength of the body, the probability and speed of the rebound will be the same as other sports. In other words, only the practice of yoga pose, then it’s not real yoga.

Yoga is a way of life

yoga for weight loss

Yoga practice is just a small part of yoga. If you only have a pose in your eyes, then if you want to lose weight, you might as well choose other exercises with stronger strength.

The reason why yoga can make us slim down is because:

  • It has direct exercise on the body, especially the flow yoga, Ashtanga yoga, the intensity is greater, generally, a yoga class is enough to let us sweat, burn fat, long-term will definitely achieve the effect of weight loss;
  • Yoga exercises the mentality, the desire to control, and the improvement of sleep through exercises such as asana, meditation, and breathing. Through practice, your mind can gradually be restrained and controlled by you to resist those high-calorie foods. At the same time, after practicing for a long time, your body will slowly and naturally reject those high-calorie and unhealthy things. Your dietary preferences will slowly turn into healthy organic foods;
  • Yoga is the only fitness method that can be exercised in every part of the body. It is inverted, twisted, seated, standing, standing, lying, prone, flexion, back bend, various support styles, and the whole body is taken from three dimensions. After exercising, even your internal organs can be massaged in the form of flexion, back bend and torsion to achieve the effect of reducing fat.

Therefore, to integrate yoga into life, yoga should not only bring you an hour of physical exercise on the mat, but also a change in your diet, work schedule and attitude towards life.

Frequency of yoga practice

Some people, their practice is not continuous, and the interest comes. After several classes, they are lazy, and they will not go for most of the month. This way to exercise, no matter how good exercise can not save their obesity. Of course, what is certain is that even this is better than not exercising.

Regarding the frequency of practice, in general, it is recommended to use 3 to 4 times a week for 1 hour to 2 hours.


Other advantages of yoga

  • Yoga is not simply moving your arms and making your legs. The core of it is meditation. Through yoga, you can relax, balance, and get peace, relieve stress, regulate endocrine, let your heart be inspired, and help improve people. Temper and character. Therefore, yoga is a movement based on the cultivation of the heart.
  • By practicing yoga, you can increase your body’s flexibility. Also improve your muscles, body posture, correct your spine.
  • In addition, yoga has very low requirements on the venue and time. It can be practiced at any time in a quiet place such as bed, living room, office, etc. It does not require special equipment. It only needs a thicker yoga mat.
  • Regardless of weight, age, and adults can choose the right yoga exercises to practice. However, people with osteoporosis, lumbar disc herniation, and joint function impairments need to be cautious.


To achieve the best weight loss, you must choose the right course strength and type. In your class, if each section is based on meditation and stretching, it is very difficult to lose weight. It is recommended to choose a course with more strength training and more strength.


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