Yoga For Beautiful Skin – 5 poses you need to practice

Yoga For Beautiful Skin

Virtually all yoga poses benefit the skin. The postures we discuss below are particularly helpful and powerful due to improved blood circulation, stress reduction and detoxification.

Remember the familiar yoga instructors. Everyone has a few things in common – strength, flexibility, calm, balance and happiness, as well as glowing skin.

Regular yoga practice changes your skin in two ways. Through sensible movements, meditation and breathing exercises, your skin’s stress level is reduced. Regular practice contributes to the release of toxins from the body through sweating, breathing (pranayama) and asanas – improves blood circulation and detoxification of the body.

Powerful poses for beautiful skin

Before performing the asanas listed below, make a few circles of Surya Namaskar or Greetings to the Sun.

Uttanasana – Tilt forward

Yoga For Beautiful Skin


Uttanasana relieves the effects of aging and increases blood flow to the head and facial area. The skin of the face is saturated with oxygen and nutrients, fighting inflammation and free radicals that cause aging. Do not worry if you cannot reach your toes to notice improvements, just relax, lower your head, close your eyes, and breathe.

Performing uttanasana:

Standing at the beginning of the rug, legs together, toes pointing forward. Put your hands down on your hips. Inhale and lengthen the spine, exhale and move the hips back, and lower the head to the floor. You can hold the elbows of the opposite hands, grab the ankles, or just hang your arms to the floor. Close your eyes and breathe deeply through your nose. Hold the pose for 1 minute. With each lesson, extend the position in the pose to 5 minutes.


Sage pose

Yoga For Beautiful Skin


Twists work wonders with the skin, because they improve digestion, which is crucial for detoxification. Whenever doing turns, be sure to drink plenty of water after practice. Water helps remove toxins from the body.

Performing sage posture:

In a sitting position, both legs are shoulder-width apart. Bend your right leg and put your right foot next to your left knee. Rotate the torso to the right, putting your right arm behind at a distance of 20 centimeters from the hip for support. Press the outer side of the right knee with the elbow of the left hand to strengthen the turn. Breathe deeply through your nose, and stay in a pose for one minute. Repeat for the other side of the body.


Headstand – Shirshasana

Yoga For Beautiful Skin


The advantages of the Headstand, the “queen of asanas” are many – fantastic support for the health and appearance of the skin. Performing poses is a free face lift. Inverted asanas help improve skin regeneration and blood flow to the head.

Shirshasana performance:

Kneel in the middle of the mat. Connect the fingers together, set the elbows on the floor at a distance of 50 cm in front of the knees, elbows shoulder-width apart. Lower the upper part of the head on the mat, so that the back of the head pressed on the palm.

Cross your fingers, straighten your legs, and start walking with your feet towards the elbows. If you can’t get closer, inhale and lift your legs off the mat, keeping balance with your knees pulled to your chest. Begin slowly straightening your legs over your head. Stay in a pose for 10 seconds and do not forget to breathe deeply. In the end, bring the duration of the pose to 5 minutes.

Note: Headstand should be approved by an experienced instructor. If the headstand does not fit you, you can replace it with a shoulder stand, lifting your legs up.


Fish Pose – Matsiasana

Yoga For Beautiful Skin


In the pose of a fish, your neck and spine are like a curved arc. The blood circulates through the neck to the face. When performing a pose, relax and breathe deeply through your nose.

Execution of Matsiasana:

Lie on your back with your hands on your sides, palms down. Lower the buttocks to the floor, press the arms and forearms to the floor, lift the torso over the mat. Bend your back, and let your neck lean back toward the floor, leaning your upper part of your head on the mat. Start by staying in a pose for 5 deep breaths, modifying the duration to 1 minute.


Savasana – Pose of the Dead Body

Yoga For Beautiful Skin


Be sure to end your practice with relaxation and deep breathing in Shavasana, after which relaxation and renewal of the whole organism begins!


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