7 Yoga Poses For The Abdomen And Hips

7 Yoga Poses For The Abdomen And Hips

Harmful food and regular stressful situations that surround us lead to trouble. The tummy and thighs take a blow; most of the fat deposits are deposited in them. With an increase in weight, the risk of diseases and hormonal disruptions increases, and the functions of the thyroid gland are disturbed. Fitness, exercise and diet will help reduce these risks. To reduce the belly are used methods of burning calories, such as exercise, jogging, swimming, cycling and walking.

But for those who do not like to sweat, yoga as an alternative for weight loss. By adopting yoga methods, weight will decrease, control of mind, body, and soul will increase. Along with these benefits, you will experience peace of mind and mood elevation, a charge of energy for the whole day.

7 ways in which Yoga contributes to weight loss

Yoga is the path of great rishis and ascetics. The goal is to connect with the divine soul and come to harmony between the mind and body. This is a way of healing the body and soul. But when it comes to weight loss through exercise, an image of vigorous jogging, cycling, jumping is created in the head and most of us do not relate yoga to weight loss. But they are closely related. The reasons underlying the increase in weight, yoga eliminates the inside.

Stimulation of the liver – an organ that performs the functions of detoxification and cleansing the body. Thanks to her, the blood gets rid of harmful chemicals and toxins and energizes the body. And yoga provides the strength of the liver for effective functioning. Favorable effect on the liver vegetable and fruit diet.

Activation of the thyroid gland – the body activates the hormones that regulate metabolism. High metabolism burns fat. Yoga is recommended for thyroid dysfunction.

Maintaining the right pH of the body – too acidic pH accumulates fat to protect itself from acid. And this mechanism leads to the deposition of visceral fat within organs and blood vessels. Yoga poses keep the body pH at a safe level of alkaline balance.

The striking balance between the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems is stress, the cause of weight gain. Relaxing postures and breathing will balance the nervous system, relieve stress and anxiety.

The activation of internal heat is activated by the nervous system automatically, and we feel better. Yogic postures activate nerves by systematically stretching, and this heat helps with burning deep-seated visceral fat, and superficial subcutaneous fat.

Increased muscle strength – yoga poses that cause the body to remain active along with the consistent stretching and squeezing of the muscles accelerate weight loss. Muscle tissue activity helps utilize fat as fuel.

Cardio – although cardio and aerobic exercise is a popular way to increase heart rate, yoga exercises increase heart rate over a short period of time, and slow down correctly and smoothly.

Best Yoga Poses for Weight Loss

Common ways to lose weight: massage gels, creams or pills. At first, they seem effective, but they are not long-term. Yoga tones and stretches parts of the body, stimulates metabolism, burns calories. Here is a set of exercises for beginners, it will help you adjust weight, make a flat stomach and tone muscles. Perform regularly, and the results will not keep you waiting.

Warrior Pose:


Virabhadrasana reduces weight, strengthens and tones the arms, shoulders, hips and back muscles at the same time. It helps people with back problems, it is useful for increasing balance and endurance. Stand up straight, legs far apart. Keep your hands up above your head and straighten.

Put your hands in the namaste and turn the torso to the right side. Bend your right knee, trying to stretch your abdominal muscles as much as you can. Close your eyes and count from 30 seconds to 1 minute. After turning right, do the exercise left. This position will bring in the tone and tighten the muscles of the legs. Repeat the pose 2 to 3 times on both sides.

Warrior II Pose:


Warrior II Pose is an exercise for the abdomen and thighs that opens, strengthens and tones the hips, and the abdominal muscles work. Pose increases stamina and concentration. This position, just like the one above, strengthens the abdomen and legs, but nevertheless, it is done differently. Stand up straight, with your feet far apart. Now move the right leg to the right side and bend the knee so that the thigh is parallel to the floor. Spread your arms apart and keep them parallel to the floor. Then look to the right. Freeze in position for 30 seconds to 1 minute and return to the starting position. Repeat the other way. Do the exercise 2 to 3 times on both sides. Performing asana, the abdominal muscles are strained.

Chair posture:


Utkatasana is the best exercise for the hips, strengthens and tones the muscles of the buttocks, hips, back and chest. Trains ankles and knee muscles. Thanks to the asana, the lower back is strengthened. In this position, the body looks like a chair, and posture requires endurance. You may feel pain in your legs for the first couple of days, after practice. Repeating it regularly will increase flexibility and pain will disappear.

Put your legs together. Simultaneously with the inhale, raise your arms above your head. Stretch them up and slightly bend your knees, exhale. Stay in this position for 60 seconds, breathe normally. Yes, it will be difficult to stay in this position for a long time, but try to hold it until you feel tired. Do the exercise 10 times a day, and increase the number every 3 days.

Pose Boats:


Powerful posture for the tone of the transverse abdominal muscles. Sit on the mat and stretch your legs. Pull up your knees, hips tightly closed, fingers look forward. Now take your feet off the ground and lift them at a 45 degree angle. Inhale and straighten your legs. The spine is straight, and the body takes the form V. Raise your arms to shoulder level. Hold for 30 seconds. Exhale slowly and return to the starting position. Pose increases endurance, and reduces fat from the abdomen.

Butterfly pose:


The pose of a shoemaker or Baddha Konasana is simple and easy to perform an exercise, it can be done by any beginner. Asana tones the lower body, stimulates the abdominal muscles, stretches the inner surface of the thighs, knees and groin. Helps to cure infertility, asthma, depression and anxiety. Sit up straight, back straight. Spread your knees and turn the soles of the feet to each other. Hold the pose for a minute.

Locust pose:


Locust pose or Salabhasana is one of the best postures for weight loss. Pose increases the strength and flexibility of the back, arms and legs, tightens the buttocks. Stretches the shoulders, chest and abdomen. Lie face down, palms facing the ground. While inhaling, lift your legs without bending your knees. Lift up your upper body and arm, stretching your abdominal muscles. Balance your tummy. Thanks to Salabhasan, the fat around the thighs will decrease and the leg muscles will stretch.

Camel Pose:


The pose of a camel or Ustrasan is focused on three problem areas of the body: the abdomen, the back and the thighs. Pose opens the chest and lungs, improves the flexibility of the spine, abdomen and neck, stimulating the thyroid gland.

Lay a soft cloth under you to prevent pain. Sit on your knees and place your hands on your hips. Then slowly kneel. Reach back and stretch the chest and abdomen. Hold this position for 30 seconds and return to the starting position. Repeat the asana 3 to 4 times. Exercise is useful to melt fat in all areas of the body.

These exercises will help stretch the muscles around the hips, waist, abdomen, legs and arms. Combine poses with a balanced diet, and they will have a tonic effect on the figure, improve digestion, relieve from stress and nervous tension.



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