5 Yoga Poses For Beautiful Breasts

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These 5 yoga poses are best practiced in the morning: they charge you with positive energy and leave you feeling satisfied. And yes – these asanas have a great effect on the shape of your breasts.


Sphinx pose

Sphinx pose

Lying on your stomach, make sure that your elbows are right under your shoulders, and your forearms are parallel to each other (if there is some tension in your shoulders, move your elbow slightly forward). Leaning on your elbows, pull the shoulder blades down your back and stretch your neck. The legs are hip-width apart. Stay in this position for 3-5 deep and smooth breaths.


Shalabhasana pose


Lying on your stomach, lower your chin or forehead on the rug, and weave your hands in the lock behind your back. Engage your legs by pushing your fingers to the floor. When inhaling, lift the head and chest, while the chest goes forward and up, and the shoulder blades are drawn towards each other. Hold this position for 3-5 breaths. Then move to the posture of a child with knees wide apart, and then – in the Dog face down.



Virabhadrasana II

From the Dog, face down with your right leg between your palms. The heel of the right foot should be in line with the foot or heel of the left foot (as is more convenient). Press the left heel against the floor. Raise your left hand forward and upward, moving to Warrior II. Pull your fingers in opposite directions and look to a point above your right hand. Stay in this position for 3-5 breaths, try to relax.


Utthita Parsvakonasana

Utthita Parsvakonasana

From the Pose of Warrior II, pull the lower back forward and grab the right thigh with your hands. On the exhale, go to Utthita Parshvakonasana – lower your right hand to the inside of your ankle, lift your left hand and pull it up, turning and opening your chest to the left. Take a deep breath before exiting the asana. On the exhale, place both hands in the center next to the right foot. Then lower the left knee on the mat.


Utthan Pristhasana

Utthan Pristhasana

Hands on the mat, move your left knee back and move your right leg closer to the edge of the mat. Bend your left knee and stretch back with your right hand, grasping your left foot. Stay in this position for 3-5 deep breaths, directing the breath to the sensations that arise, then release your left leg and move your right leg to the center of the mat.


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