11 Yoga Exercises For Weight Loss

yoga exercises for weight loss

Yoga is an endless source of health. Yoga exercises help not only lose weight but also strengthen muscles, improve flexibility, strengthen the immune system, get rid of depression and stress. In this article, we will not dwell on all the benefits of yoga, and consider simple yoga exercises for weight loss at home.

Types of poses for weight loss


Twisting poses contribute to the work of the entire digestive system, improve metabolism, which helps rid the body of fats and toxins. The twisting postures include Bharadvajasana, the Sage’s Pose, Ardha Matsyendrasan, and others.

Standing poses

Standing postures strengthen the body and improve concentration. Areas of impact poses: hips, calves, spine, shoulders, upper back and abdomen. Poses of this type must necessarily be included in the complex for weight loss using yoga.

Inverted poses

Inverted postures are designed to strengthen the muscles of the back and neck, stimulate the thyroid gland, and work out the abdominal organs. Again, improving metabolism and digestion, strengthening the muscular system.


The posture with the slopes can be performed both sitting and standing. Depending on the type of inclination, the necessary parts of the body are worked out. The slopes are designed to improve body flexibility, stretch tendons and strengthen muscles.

Relaxation poses

Relaxed postures can complete workouts. Relaxation postures help calm the mind and body, relieve tension after a working day.

Simple asanas for weight loss at home

Consider simple asanas for weight loss. I present to you a description of asanas, photos and principle of action.

Tilt forward – Uttanasana

yoga exercises for weight loss

Stretching posture strengthens the muscles of the abdomen and thighs, removes fat deposits. The ligaments and tendons work fine.

Stand straight, raise your hands up, and then gently lower your hands to the bottom. Try to touch your head with your knees. You can hold your legs with your hands.

Cobra Pose – Bhujangasana

yoga exercises for weight loss

Pose Bhujangasana improves digestion, affects the organs of the abdominal area and abdominal muscles. Pose works fine on the spine.

You can perform a pose from a prone position. Take a breath from the floor. Keep your arms straight, your legs pressed to the floor.

Dog pose muzzle down – Adho Mukha Shvanasana

yoga exercises for weight loss

Pose helps to strengthen all the fate of the body. The back surface of the body, the tendons, the spine and the shoulders are stretched. Tightens the abdominal muscles, improves metabolism.

Pose is performed from standing on all fours.

Warrior’s Pose – Virabhadrasana

yoga exercises for weight loss

The warrior’s pose allows you to strengthen the muscles of the arms and legs, align the spine, and stretch the crotch area.

To perform the warrior’s posture, stand straight, lunge forward, join your hands with your palms and lift above your head. Fold back and stretch the whole body. Repeat the exercise with a lunge on the other leg.

Triangle Pose – Utthita Trikonasana

yoga exercises for weight loss

The triangle pose works to burn fat in the side parts of the body, calms the nervous system and stretches the tendons of the legs.

Stand straight for doing trikonasana, legs slightly wider than shoulder width. As you exhale, sink to your left foot. The left hand touches the floor next to the foot, and the right hand rises up perpendicular to the floor. Direct your gaze to the fingertips of your right hand. Repeat the exercise on the other side.

Pose of tree or vrikshasana

yoga exercises for weight loss

Vrikshasana strengthens the press and arms, stretches the tendons and has a beneficial effect on the knees.

To perform a pose, stand up straight and inhale, raise your arms up above your head, joining your palms. The right leg is bent at the knee, and the foot is attached to the inner surface of the thigh. Freeze in pose for 60 seconds. Repeat the pose, but this time bend the left leg.


Pose of a chair – Utkatasana

 yoga exercises for weight loss

Strengthening the hips and calves with the help of the tree posture is indescribable. Muscles are strained, endurance is trained, and abdominal organs are studied.

To perform the asana, stand straight and on the exhale, raise your hands up. Connect the palms of each other and on the exhale, slightly sit down. Hidden for 30 – 60 seconds in position.

Plank pose

yoga exercises for weight loss

The bar pose is a powerful weapon against fat and cellulite. It is recommended to practice, both in the complex of exercises for weight loss, and as an independent static load. Pose strap affects the static load on all parts of the body. You can perform several approaches, smoothly increasing the time spent in the pose. Do not forget about uniform breathing and a straight back.

Pose of wind release – Pavanmuktasana

 yoga exercises for weight loss

The pose is designed to free the body from gas accumulations. It is carried out for each leg separately and with pressing both legs simultaneously. Favorably affects the abdominal organs, massages the abdomen, and strengthens the muscles of the lower body.

Bow Pose – Dhanurasana

yoga exercises for weight loss

Dhanurasana improves the flexibility of the spine, stretches the muscles of the abdomen, arms and legs. Like previous poses for weight loss, the bow pose improves the bowel function, corrects back problems, and also strengthens the neck area.

Uttanpanasana (Press 30 – 60 – 90)

yoga exercises for weight loss

As mentioned in the title, posture strengthens the abdominal muscles, burns fat. Performing a posture in this way: Lying on your back, while inhaling, raise your legs by 30 degrees. Gradually lower your legs to almost the floor. Hold for a while, as you exhale, put your feet on the floor. Repeat the exercise, but this time lift your legs 60 degrees and then 90 degrees.

You can perform a set of exercises at home. Simple weight loss exercises not only burn fat, but also increase endurance, improve the functioning of internal organs and give your body flexibility. Stay always young and beautiful!



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