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oga - Foundation For Beginners

Yoga – Foundation For Beginners

Yoga has been around for more than one thousand years, but it has become popular only relatively recently. The advantage of this type of training over others is...
How to lose weight by walking

How To Lose Weight By Walking

Put on your shorts, put on your trainers and succumb to the charms of athletic walking. "The best way to lose weight," says coach Lucy...
Belly Dance For Weight Loss

Belly Dance For Weight Loss: Dance Your Way To A Better Body!

Since everything new and beautiful is very interesting and attracts people, belly dancing has been very much loved in Russia for some time, not...
Aqua Aerobics Exercises To Lose Weight

Aqua Aerobics Exercises To Lose Weight

Water aerobics - a complex of aerobic exercises that are performed in the water. To overcome the resistance of the aquatic environment, the body spends additional calories,...
yoga for weight loss

Yoga For Weight Loss

In the case of a reasonable diet, regular yoga can lose weight, but the weight loss efficiency is relatively slow, in terms of calorie consumption, less than...