Which One Is Better Elliptical or Stationary Bike?

Which One Is Better Elliptical or Stationary Bike

Before the appearance of the elliptical, stationary bikes were perhaps the most purchased devices for training the body at home. With the creation of shells, fundamentally different trajectory of movement and impact on the body, many are asked a reasonable question: so what is better, “new” – an ellipsoid, or the good old bike?

Exercise/Stationary bike

What muscle groups are being worked out in class with an exercise bike?

Most of all in the process of training on a stationary bike will use the muscles of the legs, especially the calf.

Diligent exercises contribute to weight loss of the lower extremities, gaining an easy gait. The muscles of the thighs and buttocks are also actively working during classes, therefore, the superficial and deep layers of muscle tissue strengthen, their tone and elasticity increase, and the fat splits and melts. Beautiful posture can also be achieved by doing on a stationary bike because the exercises contribute to the development and strengthening of the muscles of the lower back (lumbar region).

The press is also involved during training, so many athletes note a pumping of the abdominal muscles, especially – its bottom.

Pros of exercise bike

The exercise bike firmly holds its position among beginners and experienced athletes, among women and men. What is the secret of its popularity? Users and sports instructors highlight the following positive aspects of the exercise bike:

  • Any, even the simplest mechanical simulator leads to a very active influx of oxygen in the lung tissue, so the heart and blood vessels are strengthened and the metabolism accelerates, therefore, the body loses weight.
  • A rather large muscle group is perfectly tightened and pumped through training on the simulator, skin turgor increases, the “orange peel” disappears.
  • The number of calories burned is about 600 per hour, which is much more than during workouts with a stepper.
  • Classes on the exercise bike are very interesting and exciting, and, therefore, contribute to the development of endorphins and reduce the level of stress hormones.
  • The resistance system of an exercise bike is built in such a way that any user can pick up the desired and comfortable load. That is, by purchasing such a device, you can train on it with the whole family.
  • The number of models in the stores is very diverse: there are mechanical, magnetic, electromagnetic simulators, as well as devices of horizontal and vertical form. Therefore, everyone can buy a simulator in accordance with the requests and budget.
  • Exercise bikes are inexpensive compared to the price of some other body workout devices.
  • Even if classes on other devices are contraindicated, the doctor may allow exercise on the stationary bike. For example, horizontal trainers support the back well and can even be used by people with spinal diseases.

Thus, there are many valid reasons for buying an exercise bike. Moreover, this choice has been tested over the years, because the exercise bike is a rather “old” sports device, and different generations have used its modifications.

Disadvantages of an exercise bike

There are few “minuses” in the work of the exercise bike, but they are there.

Among those users distinguish:

  • no impact on the muscles of the upper body – arms, back, shoulders, neck, chest;
  • if you want to have a proportionally “tailored” figure, you will have to work on other simulators;
  • For many, cycling is quickly bored, as it is not possible to diversify them;
  • Some doctors note that knee loads may adversely affect the condition of the joints.

The advantages of the bike before the elliptical

According to some characteristics, exercise bikes are superior to ellipsoids:

  • they are less dimensional, occupy a small area in a small apartment;
  • the price of good exercise bikes is an order of magnitude lower than the cost of elliptical since fewer parts and structural units are used to create them. The exception is bicycle ergometers, although among the devices with an elliptical trajectory of motion there are also very expensive models;
  • during classes, you can apply an interval load system, which is not possible when training with an elliptical;
  • when training it is convenient to read a book, watch TV. Ellipsoids, on the other hand, require a greater concentration of attention;
  • less injury: falling from the bike is more problematic than from an ellipsoid.

Elliptical trainer

What muscles work during exercise on an elliptical trainer?

The main moving part of the ellipsoid – pedals, rotating along an elliptical trajectory, similar to skiing.

Human legs describe the oval while moving gently and smoothly. Like an exercise bike, elliptical employs all muscle groups of the legs, thighs, buttocks. But, thanks to the available handles, the muscles of the upper body – arms, shoulders, back, chest – are being worked out, while the whole body is evenly loaded.

Due to the loads distributed in this way, the muscles and the whole skeleton are perfectly strengthened, and the endurance of the body quickly increases.

“Pros” of an elliptical trainer

Elliptical trainer – the leader among cardiovascular machines for burning calories.

He significantly “outperforms his rivals” – in one hour of training you can “destroy” up to 780 calories at an average pace, over 800 – at a fast pace.

All cardiovascular equipment helps to improve the body and slimming by increasing metabolism. The loads received by the body when practicing on the elliptical are distinguished by high intensity (even at the lowest resistance level), therefore, they bring even more benefits to health and body shape.

The elliptical is an excellent solution not only for beginner athletes but also for experienced trainees. The simulator can change the load, speed, so it can fit the whole family. Even the most “advanced” users who have tried many sports, speak positively about elliptical trainers. Another plus: not all classes are suitable for people with severe obesity, for the elliptical there are no such restrictions.

Also, many doctors advise elliptical trainers for those who have suffered an injury – they are ideal for the late recovery period, contributing to the fastest warm-up of the ligaments and muscles. Another positive “property” of ellipsoids is interesting activities, according to reviews – more diverse than on a treadmill or exercise bike.

Disadvantages of elliptical trainers

Among the cons of elliptical:

  • high cost (even simple models cost from 10-15 thousand rubles);
  • the impossibility of reading a book during classes (for some users, this moment may also be important);
  • Elliptical trainers require care, lubrication of parts. Otherwise, they often begin to creak.

Advantages of ellipsoids over exercise bikes

On some points, an elliptical trainer is a clear favorite when compared with an exercise bike:

  1. The ability to evenly train the entire body, including the top (arms, back, shoulders, chest).
  2. Smooth, soft movements.
  3. The absence of any adverse effect on the spine or knee and ankle joints, a sparing impact on the bones (low impact load), as a result – fewer contraindications, the wider run-up of the use of the simulator.
  4. It is believed that ellipsoids are more effective for improving the tone of the heart and blood vessels, since they “pump” a larger volume of muscles and can give significant loads.
  5. Ellipsoids of medium and high price categories often have a folding system, so they are easy to store.
  6. Almost all models of elliptical trainers have a low noise level. Exercise bikes with a magnetic and mechanical resistance system can be quite “loud”.


Assessing the technical capabilities and the main advantages and disadvantages of both groups of simulators, we can say that ellipsoids are ideal for those who want to improve the tone of the heart, blood vessels, and also in a short time to make all muscles elastic and fit and lose weight.

If you do not have enough money to buy an expensive device, and there are no problems with the joints and you need to pump up your legs, buttocks, stomach, you can buy an exercise bike. Both shells are suitable for healing the body and overweight, so the choice is a matter of individual preferences, characteristics of the body and health.

Reviews trainees on exercise bikes and ellipsoids in comparison

Maxim, 30 years old.

“On the exercise bike, it is easy to do, but you still need to adapt to it, it is better to consult with a specialist. By myself I know, if you pedal incorrectly (not position yourself at that angle, rotate them too quickly, etc.), you can “earn” problems with your lower back. I noticed that if you do it for a long time, the lower back starts to whine. Therefore, I plan to soon buy an ellipsoid, there will be no such trouble with it. ”

Anastasia, 26 years old.

“As my fitness instructor told me, elliptical trainers are definitely safer than a treadmill and exercise bikes. Knees with high impact loads (when running) suffer decently, and their constant bending on a bicycle is also not very useful. If you still want to train on a bicycle, it is better to take the one in which the seat is horizontal, the back feels very comfortable there, it is also well suited for rehabilitation after spinal injuries. ”

Elena, 28 years old.

“My opinion is that the ellipsoid is slightly better, since the upper part of the body is also training. But if there are no problems with the arm muscles, the exercise bike is also good, it turns out to be interesting to do, especially if you put it on the balcony! The feeling that you ride on the street does not give such an ellipse. ”

Valery, 36 years old.

“I don’t like the exercise bike, because my back is constantly hunched, my hands do not work at all. I want to completely pump the whole body, since there is no possibility to put several simulators at home. Therefore, I bought an elliptical trainer, the load is uniform on all muscles, after exercising in the arms and shoulders, as well as the press, pleasant fatigue. ”

Alina, 29 years old.

“I heard the opinion that the state of the joints was assessed after training on an ellipsoid, stepper, treadmill and exercise bike using a magnetic tomograph. So, the ellipsoid showed the best results, the tomogram did not “notice” the negative impact, for me it is an indicator, I chose classes on the orbiter! ”.

Reviews have been found on the Internet – on websites, blogs and forums. You can leave your review.



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