Which Is Better: Treadmill or Stationary Bike

Treadmill or Stationary Bike

Exercise Bike or Treadmill?

Features of exercise bike

Exercise bike

It is not necessary for the bike ride to wait for the sun and windless weather. If desired, you can ride at home if you buy an exercise bike.

The stationary device allows you to accurately reproduce the movements of the cyclist. Training at home allows you to not depend on the vagaries of the weather.

The exercise bike belongs to cardiovascular machines, it is used to strengthen the respiratory system, skeletal muscles, smooth muscles of the heart muscle and the muscles of blood vessels.

Pros of exercise bike

On the exercise bike you can do at any age and with any degree of fitness. People who are banned from running and brisk walking, according to their testimony, can practice without harm to their health.

Such a common disease, as varicose veins of the lower extremities, does not allow every third woman and every tenth man in the world to stand on a treadmill. In this case, a stationary bike is a great way out.

Chronic diseases of the joints are often caused by a single accidental fall. An insidious disease like Goff’s disease, for example. If not treated in time, the knee may lose mobility. The exercise bike is less traumatic than a treadmill or a regular bike. From it is impossible to fall and hit.

  • Developed a large number of models, horizontal, vertical devices.
  • Exercise bikes can be purchased at affordable prices.
  • On the simulator you can do with different intensity. The built-in computer allows you to select a program, change the profile during training, change the load.
  • You can exercise on a stationary bike for people with problems of the joints, spine, with diseases of the feet.
  • Horizontal models take the load off the lumbar.


On the exercise bike is difficult to connect to the work of the muscles of the back and shoulder girdle. This is especially true for office workers, sitting all day in a forced posture at a desk, hairdressers and salespeople, car drivers. The muscles of the back, shoulder girdle and neck of these people are tense. Occupations on the exercise bike loads these groups of muscles in addition.

During training, the position of the back on the exercise bike is the same as when working at a desk, the muscles are in static tension.

The long stay in a sitting posture on a condition of muscles of a neck is badly reflected. Muscles “numb”, obstructs the blood circulation of the head.

As a result, the supply of blood to the brain is disrupted, which, in turn, leads to frequent headaches, vascular changes.

In case of a number of diseases, occupations on the exercise bike are prohibited. Heart failure, asthma attacks, tachycardia, hypertension, heart defects of varying severity, dizziness, infectious diseases – all of these diseases serve as a restriction for exercising on a stationary bike.

The benefits of an exercise bike over the treadmill

Exercise bikes are more compact, take up little space. The wide model range allows you to choose a device with the necessary characteristics. There are folding models that are easy to assemble and disassemble. Disassembled, they do not require a lot of space, which is convenient in a small apartment.

Stationary bicycles appeared more than a hundred years ago and since then, so many models have been developed that almost any manufacturer can offer a wide range of prices. Buyers have the opportunity to choose a model at an affordable price.

Devices are stable, mobile. They are easy to carry, move, can be installed on the balcony and engage, without leaving the apartment. The access of oxygen will increase, which will increase the effectiveness of classes. The device works silently. The seat angle in many models can be adjusted by selecting the optimum seating position.

On exercise bikes, bodybuilders prefer to increase the aerobic capacity of muscles. For strength athletes, an accidental injury to the knee or ankle while running will eliminate all training plans. Particularly at risk are joints of the lower extremities when running over rough terrain, descending a mountain or climbing.

After training on the exercise bike, the body recovers faster. Even a beginner can effectively engage in one to two weeks after the start of training.

What muscles work?

During training on the exercise bike, the quadriceps muscles of the thigh, calf and gluteal muscles are used, partly the abdominal muscles and abdominals are involved in the work.

Features treadmill

The treadmill is a cardiovascular machine consisting of a moving running belt and handrails. The simulator in many cases is preferable to running on the street. Bad weather, rain, an abundance of transport and the lack of special paths for running are good arguments for many people to do jogging on a simulator in comfortable conditions at home.

The treadmill, like a bicycle, trains the heart and blood vessels, strengthens muscles and bones, develops the lungs.

Pros treadmill

Walking is the most natural movement for a person. Slow walking is recommended by doctors to restore health after heart attacks, with diseases of the nervous system, reduced immunity. Medical walking is prescribed to the weakened patient in order to restore health, enhance immunity, increase vitality.

The treadmill helped many people return to full active life. Sold mechanical, magnetic and electromagnetic treadmills.

Popular electric tracks, equipped with computers, offering several programs for training.

  • On the track you can work with a minimum load, you can train intensively. Both professional athletes and inexperienced amateurs can practice on the same model.
  • All muscle groups are involved in the work, stabilizing muscles are used to maintain body position.
  • Running develops endurance, improves the condition of the lungs, saturates the blood with oxygen.
  • Improves coordination, consistency of muscle work



Popular electric treadmills have a powerful engine, consume a large amount of electricity, during operation they make noise. If a person with a lot of weight is involved, then vibration can occur.

In some diseases, you cannot train on a treadmill. In addition to serious diseases of the heart, vascular system, lungs, you can not run with varicose veins, with problems with the knee joint, flat feet, foot diseases. Problems with the spine do not allow to use the track for running. The shock load when running at each step creates a load on the spine, exceeding the weight of a person by 5-6 times. Intensive training can damage the spine and the femoral, knee, ankle joints.


Improper running techniques can lead to serious foot problems.


The result of intensive training may not be health promotion, but the destruction of the cartilage of intervertebral disks and joints. For practicing on the treadmill, you need to carefully select sports shoes. It is not enough to buy the most expensive and sophisticated model of sneakers. You need to know everything about your running biomechanics: flat foot or high, how flexible the ankle, how the knee is directed when putting on the foot, and much more.

Advantages of the track over the exercise bike

When running, all muscle groups receive a dynamic load. If while working on the exercise bike, the muscles of the back and neck experience static stress, are enslaved, while running, the back and shoulders work.

While running, you can burn more calories than on a stationary bike. Almost all muscle groups are connected, which allows you to burn 700 kcal per hour.

What muscles work while running

When running on a treadmill, mainly the muscles of the legs and back are involved. The muscles of the shoulder girdle, press, obliques, are partially included in the work.


Opinion of the author

On the treadmill you can train in fast walking. Walking is a natural complex of movements for a person, but running in shoes is not. It is natural to run barefoot, while the foot does not get on the heel. Landing occurs on the front of the foot, which absorbs the impact and eliminates the load on the spine. You can’t run barefoot on hard surface, and the sole distorts the normal operation of the foot.

When running in sneakers, the foot is placed on the heel. A powerful blow hits the spine and joints. You can compensate for the blow with the help of properly selected shoes and shock absorbing system of the running belt. To pick up sneakers you need to know your foot and lower limb biomechanics. All this is possible only for professional athletes. Therefore, I prefer to engage on a stationary bike.

People reviews

What do people think, which simulator is better: an exercise bike or a treadmill?

Angelina , 35 years old.

For weight loss is best track, but on it you can kill your knees, so you need to carefully choose the load.

Nikolay , 28 years old.

I have long mastered an exercise bike, constantly pedaling. Watching TV while I ride. You don’t see much on the treadmill, you need to constantly monitor the movement. I train my hands and back on the horizontal bar, and I pump up my legs with a bicycle.

Tamara , 44 years old.

I bought a treadmill a year ago, walking and lost 12 kg in a year, I feel great. I do every day for 15-45 minutes, as time allows. It makes me very tired after training, instead of cheerfulness, I feel tired. A brisk walk gives energy and tonus.

In order not to be mistaken when choosing a cardiovascular apparatus for training, you need to work out on the treadmill and on the exercise bike. Practice will help determine which type of simulator and workouts are most suitable for individual lessons.






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