Step Aerobics For Weight Loss At Home

Step Aerobics

It is considered that fitness is hard work, which often brings no pleasure. However, despite the fact that sometimes they can really be very tiring, you can clothe them in a very entertaining form, allowing the gymnasium to give you not only a good figure but also the real inspiration! One of these forms is considered step aerobics.

The invention of this type of fitness was given to Jean Miller, a champion in bodybuilding in the United States of America, since it was she who first included the basic exercises of step aerobics in her daily schedule, recovering from an injury.

Gina was not only convinced by her amazing effect but also showed it to everyone around her.

At the moment, step aerobics is divided into the following types:

  1. Power Step. It helps how to work out the muscles throughout the body, and to provide a load on the cardiovascular system.
  2. Dance step. Able to teach folding steps in the dance of bundles and beautiful move. Dance Step gives you the opportunity to lose weight with pleasure.
  3. Step Interval. Ideal for those who can not find a separate time for strength training and cardio. In conjunction with proper nutrition, it burns fat perfectly.

Features step aerobics

Step aerobics is a special type of aerobics that involves performing all sorts of exercises using a special platform .

The English word “step” is translated as “step”, which shows us all the simplicity of activities based on the most elementary human action: step.

Many beginners in step aerobics ask a logical question: why is it good there? Let’s take a closer look at this topic:

  • To start doing this kind of aerobics, you need a minimum of financial investments. In principle, even if a person does not have the funds to purchase a special platform – it does not matter, it can be replaced with any plastic or wooden bench.
  • Step aerobics can do at home , and the case for the place does not rise. There is no need to allocate a whole room for it, even enough space on the balcony.
  • Step aerobics involves not only classes in the hall, in a large company, but at home, standing in front of a computer monitor. The Internet is full of video courses that can help beginners.
  • It is rightly considered one of the most effective means for losing weight. Step aerobics not only quickly burns extra calories , but also strengthens muscles.
  • This type of fitness perfectly affects the general condition of the body , and in particular the cardiovascular system.

The benefits of step aerobics for weight loss

Experts say that step aerobics is extremely effective for losing weight.

This is due to the high level of workload, the vigorous pace of classes and special choreography. Hourly aerobic exercise step can be easily leveled to the rise to the 1200 floor!

The only claim to this type of fitness is that it does not adjust the figure. That is why if you have serious problems (for example, overly developed shoulders or very narrow hips), then step aerobics will not bring any benefit. It is necessary solely for general correction of the figure and maintaining it in the desired shape.

How do step aerobics to lose weight?

In order for the classes to bring the desired effect, you must select at least two lessons of classical aerobics. The main goal of the training should be not only to increase the level of calorie consumption, but also to ensure the proper load on the heart.

To improve the efficiency of classes, it is recommended to avoid eating two hours before the start of the training and one and a half hours after it.

Many coaches urge to do twice a week, and on other days to pay attention to stretching and breathing exercises.

Dance Aerobics

Dance aerobics for weight loss is rumba, hip-hop, latina, and belly dancing. Perhaps, it is difficult to find any type of dance, on the basis of which has not yet developed a fitness class.

The advantages of dance aerobics are obvious:

  • you will not interrupt classes, as a result of which you will achieve the effect much faster;
  • dance aerobics, in contrast to all kinds of “pas” taught in dance classes, includes not only dance movements, but also power loads , which, although they are not able to drastically change the shape of the body, but easily pull up problem areas;
  • The most important advantage of dance aerobics lies in the pleasure that “athletes” receive.

Step aerobics exercises and their technique

Exercises include dance moves, elements of oriental gymnastics and the banalest movements that we perform “automatically.”

In fact, if you summarize all the exercises, it becomes obvious that step aerobics is a kind of mixture of walking up the stairs and the traditional form of aerobics. Any coach will say that this is really all very simple, enough to be able to walk!

  • Put your right foot on a special platform, while bending the left knee. Then pull it up and put it on the floor, next to the left. Repeat this exercise at a fast pace a few dozen times, starting alternately with the right, then with the left leg.
  • Put the right foot on the step platform, then the left foot. Get off the platform in the same sequence. It is important that your movements be in the same rhythm as the background music.
  • Bend your right (or left foot) knee. Lift the second slightly above the floor surface and lower it. Repeat the exercise, but on the other leg.
  • Put on the stepper left and then right foot, then lower first right and then left.

Repeat at an accelerated pace a few dozen times.

Secrets, tips and tricks

Step aerobics can be done both in a crowded fitness room and at home, standing in front of the TV, because the required minimum for classes is not so difficult to find.

If you decide on home workouts, then take care of acquiring a quality video tutorial.

Do not forget that the load must be dispensed, and not “rush into the pool with his head.” Distributing it, always remember about your own desires and well-being.

No matter how effective step aerobics is, it, like any exercise, has a number of contraindications:

  • The fast pace of training is contraindicated for people suffering from heart disease, as well as those who have problems with high blood pressure and joints.

Interesting Facts

  • it is worth knowing that at the moment there are at least two hundred variations of ascent and descent from the platform;
  • statistics states that step aerobics classes are considered among the safest: for one thousand hours of training, there is only one injury;
  • The visual effect of training becomes noticeable after a month and a half of intensive training;
  • one hour of exercise allows you to burn from three hundred to five hundred calories;
  • Scientists have proven that step aerobics has a beneficial effect on the treatment of arthritis, which is usually caused by a lack of mobility;
  • this type of fitness is developed and practiced in more than fifty countries of the world;
  • systematic exercises can reduce the level of nervousness;
  • increasing the height of the platform by five centimeters will increase the load by twelve percent;
  • A step aerobics program from the beginning to the end can be leveled to twenty kilometers of running;
  • Brazilian football training begins with step aerobics.

Practitioner reviews


“I went to step aerobics for a month (twice a week), worked with good coaches. I can say with full confidence that this has borne fruit. I not only lost almost five kilograms, but also “pumped” my endurance. Now I easily climb up to the thirtieth floor, without even complaining once.

However, it is necessary to recognize that the classes were not given as easily as it seemed at first, after the workout I felt squeezed by lemon, dreaming of falling on the sofa. Thanks to the coach, she did not allow me to do this, forcing me to relax with the help of yoga.


“To be honest, step pure aerobics didn’t fit me. Active rhythm, which is maintained for 50-60 minutes, turned out to be torture for me, because already after the first ten minutes of jumps and steps, I realized that I really wanted to go home. The coach advised to try aerobics in the water (which I stopped).


“I have been practicing step aerobics for 12 years. I checked on myself that she perfectly models the waist and increases the endurance of the heart. Although it is terribly hard for beginners, this is not to take away. Exercises in step aerobics for an amateur, but if you want, then over time you can get used to everything, there would be an incentive! ”


Thus, it becomes obvious that step aerobics is an effective way to combat excess weight, which will not only help get rid of extra pounds but also improve the overall condition of the body. By combining aerobics with proper nutrition and following our advice, you can achieve the desired results in a short time.



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