Qigong To Lose Weight

Qigong To Lose Weight

Rare girls are happy with their figure – and this fact is indisputable. Most of them can spend hours looking at themselves in the mirror, looking for flaws (and, of course, finding more and more of them every minute). As a result, a flat stomach, slender legs, and inflated buttocks become the ultimate dream. Methods for losing weight – a lot, but now find your own, favorite and unique) is extremely difficult.

Girls try diets, fitness, aerobics, but known methods do not always become effective. That is why, sometimes you should pay attention to ancient cultures and turn to the old methods, one of which is qigong – the art of managing your own vital energy and its flows.

What is Qigong?

Smooth movements, slow breathing and prolonged stretching – it is with this accepted to associate qigong gymnastics, which came to us relatively recently from the East.

The main idea of this original way of losing weight is that you can lose extra pounds only with the help of breathing exercises , combined with a specially designed gymnastics.

Qigong gives a unique chance to normalize the work of internal organs, get rid of chronic ailments and improve general well-being without making any visible effort for this. The program allows you to achieve peace of mind and harmony in the shortest possible time, preventing any problems with overweight.

How can qigong help get rid of excess weight?

Many nutritionists and fitness trainers consider qigong to be a great way to lose weight, equating it with yoga.

Of course, qigong is a unique and highly effective method for relieving stress and tension throughout the body. And many of us know that stress in itself is extremely harmful and affects not only the emotional background, but also the state of the figure. Under stress, the digestive system slows down its work, and the body begins to urgently accumulate fats, preparing for the worst. In turn, qigong transforms the resulting voltage into healthy energy and allows you to return to normal.

Also, qigong not only accelerates the metabolism, but also reduces human cravings for unhealthy food , which is superfluous for the body. This type of gymnastics perfectly activates the internal energy through special breathing exercises, which allows everyone to find inner harmony.

Contraindications classes qigong

Qigong, along with the rest of exercise, is not nearly as safe as it may seem. For some types of people, this breathing exercise can be fatal. Doing qigong is impossible if you are pregnant or suffer from diseases associated with the cardiovascular system, liver and kidneys.

Also, it is recommended to stop any activities at the first sign of weakness, nausea or dizziness.

Qigong slimming exercises

Qigong exercises by themselves do not contribute to weight loss, since they do not in any way affect the muscles and adipose tissue. They stabilize the energy flow in all human organs, which leads to a general improvement of the body and, naturally, the loss of extra pounds.

By themselves, the exercise is very diverse. Let’s take a closer look at several gymnastic forms:

  • “Frog”

Qigong masters say that this exercise , better than anything else, reduces appetite. To perform it correctly, you need to sit on a chair and put your feet shoulder-width apart. Pressing the feet to the floor and setting the angle between the thigh and lower leg to ninety degrees, squeeze your left hand into a fist and clasp it with your right. Further, having lowered elbows on a knee and a trunk forward, put a head a forehead on a hand and close eyes. Next you need to go to the respiratory part of the exercise: inhaling oxygen through the nose and exhaling through the mouth.

  • “Wave”

It is recommended to make those people who are experiencing a really strong, irresistible hunger. You need to lie on your back and bend your knees, controlling them so that they are at a right angle. Remember that feet should be pressed to the floor, one hand on the chest and the other on the stomach.

Inhale, sucking in the belly as much as possible, and exhaling – pulling in the chest and forming a “ball” from the abdomen. Repeat the exercise should be at least forty – fifty times, if you, of course, want to feel the result.

  • “Lotus”

This exercise perfectly stimulates the metabolism and restores strength after stress. “Lotus” is performed sitting on the floor, cross-legged and with the palms of the hands so that they look up (wrists lie on the hips). Straightening your back, you need to breathe slowly and deeply for five to ten minutes, feeling how the breath develops into a light tickle.

Qigong program

Before you start practicing qigong, it is worth learning the fundamental difference between eastern medicine and western medicine. If you believe the qigong teaching, then all the painful processes occurring in the human body (including weight gain) are carried out only due to certain disruptions in the movement of energy through energy channels.

That is why, it is worth starting treatment (exactly, like getting rid of extra pounds) with cleaning the energy channels and normalizing the flow of vital energy.

Qigong exercises for weight loss are available to people of all ages, regardless of their level of physical fitness. As a rule, experts divide any program into three parts:

  1. The first part is to warm up all the muscles and the formation of proper (deep) breathing. At this time, the body accelerates metabolic processes and is getting rid of stress.
  2. The second part is aimed at the development of the lower press, which is quite simple to achieve through proper breathing.
  3. The third (final) part is to activate a powerful metabolic process.

Qigong is a system that has established itself with numerous successful examples and has proven its practicality!

Recommendations when practicing qigong

Of course, like any system that allows you to lose weight, qigong is not as simple as it may seem. In order for its effect to truly transform you, you must comply with a number of conditions:

  • Stick to a diet

A complete rejection of the flour, fat, sweet and any high-calorie foods. Preference should be given to juices, vegetables, fruits, dairy products and fish. Masters advise to replace meat with soy products.

  • Engage in regular activities

You will have to accustom your body to a new, but already useful habit. Try to perform the complexes at a certain time, ordering your schedule.

  • Replay

Repeat the above exercises need at least ten – fifteen times, doing two – three sets.

  • Timing

Experts advise to conduct classes early in the morning or in the middle of the day, trying to avoid evening and night hours.

  • Rejection of bad habits

If you want to achieve an enviable result, then give up all the habits pulling you to the “bottom”. Smoking and alcohol have not benefited anyone yet!



Qigong breathing exercises“I don’t even know how to formulate my review. Well, first of all, starting to engage, I refused fatty and junk food. I do not know what helped more: method or diet, but I lost weight. Also, besides this, I began to notice internal changes: I became kinder, more responsive, calmer. The husband cannot rejoice. After a few months of stable training, it began to seem to me that all problems and anxieties had gone from the world. And you know, it’s great! I advise everyone to try oriental gymnastics, she won me over!


“For me, qigong turned out to be an unusually complex system, which I did not understand right away. I can safely say that the excess weight really goes away. True, most likely, not because of the exercises that are supposed to be performed, but because of the diet and the normalization of hormonal levels. Qigong is good for everyone, but not for the cores. I will advise them to avoid him as the worst enemy! ”


“I started doing it relatively recently (three months ago), but I already got the first results! I used to be a lover of junk food, but now I can’t be dragged into the cafeteria. Hormonal background is gradually improving, which has a beneficial effect not only on the figure, but also on the skin. All acne and acne have disappeared, but for me it’s on a par with a miracle. I recommend to everyone who doubts, it is really worth it! Take a chance!

What is the result?

Thus, it becomes obvious that when starting a lesson, you need to be prepared for a long practice, which will bear fruit only after receiving a serious return. Remember that to bring your figure to the desired result is much easier through a whole set of measures. Of course, it is best if you take your first steps in knowing qigong under the supervision of a specialist who can guide you and help you avoid many mistakes!


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