Kickboxing For Weight Loss

Kickboxing For Weight Loss

Kickboxing, like boxing, is very good at losing weight. The fact that we will give a lot of kicks means that our legs are going to work a lot, plus we will do a lot of cardio. Your arms are involved too, and it is excellent for losing weight. This weight loss will be easier for those who are overweight.

How many calories can you burn with kickboxing?

Kickboxing can help you burn 500 calories or more per hour, depending on your weight and the intensity of the workout. Due to the number of calories that helps you burn, this places kickboxing at the same height as swimming, ice skating, aerobics, high-intensity exercises with backpacks and more. Compare this with the measly 183 calories per hour burned while walking. This makes kickboxing one of the best sports to help you lose weight.


Weight loss VS fat loss

Due to the type of training that kickboxing involves, you are going to be working your muscles. You are going to tone them and this way you will look thinner or thinner. But you will not necessarily lose weight. Do not get me wrong. You will be burning fat and at the same time building muscle,  but muscle weighs more than fat, so for that reason, you may not lose weight. To ensure you maintain muscle and burn fat, I recommend that you consume protein in each of your meals, and also reduce fat.


Frequency and duration

In general, an ideal weight loss training plan includes 3 hours of cardio a week, or more. With kickboxing, this is not necessary. As this sport is one of high intensity, you only need 1 hour and 15 minutes a week to burn your body fat and shape your figure.

If you want to burn fat faster, you can choose to train more time, but do not overdo it, because overtraining could hurt you. If your body begins to feel very tired, you should listen to it.



If you are new or new to kickboxing, you should start slowly, and as a first priority, learning the right techniques to kick and punch. Find a local class that suits your level, or you can try a kickboxing training DVD. Once you feel comfortable or comfortable with the movements, you can add a punching bag in your workout to intensify even more. These were some tips to lose weight with kickboxing.


Kickboxing workouts

Kickboxing is one of the most complete fitness exercises for the whole body, so training in this sport is particularly demanding.

– Warming up:

A good warm-up of at least 10 minutes is necessary at the beginning of each training session.
All muscles and joints must be ready to go to the next stage of training and get the maximum performance to avoid injuries.

– Techniques without tension:

Without maximum effort, you have to try new techniques until you can do it perfectly. And in this part of training, you have to emphasize, because with the better technique you maximize the power of your strokes but also improve your defense.

– Techniques with your opponent:

Here you realistically test the hand-foot techniques and at the same time the defenses of the hits.

– Dynamic exercises:

Exercises with body weight, push-ups, seats, projections, abdomen etc are part of everyday training, increase strength and improve your physical condition.

– Exercises to improve aerobic and anaerobic capacity.

They improve your general physical condition

– Nervous system training, body synchronization, and coordination, and reflex improvement exercises.

These can be done either in the warm-up or at any time in the workout.

– Bag:

For many of your favorite training tools, you can hit him as you please, with maximum intensity without misunderstanding! Now, an even more modern method, which has been replaced in many schools around the world, is the “Fight Knight” dummy, which shows that it is the modern evolution of the bag.

– Circular workout

Cross training has become fashionable even as training.
It is a series of exercises in which each trainee passes by all by completing a cycle, usually with a time limit.

– Distances – Rehabilitation

Another very basic part of the training. The stretches give you the flexibility that will improve you technically and avoid injuries. Also, after a tiring workout, with the right healing the next day, you will be more relaxed.

– Sparring (training match)

It is the simulation of the race. Here you will see if the techniques you have worked can be applied and you will test your strength. It is not necessary for all trainees to play, but those who are interested in racing are among the most important parts of the training.

It is not feasible to include all the above in each training session, it should all be the appropriate time period according to your goals, the design and the schedule of your coach.



In addition to burning a large number of calories, kickboxing has a number of other benefits. Kickboxing helps you train your entire body and tone it completely, from the thighs to the shoulders, with the arms, buttocks, and abdomen in between. Kicking and other fast movements also do wonders when it comes to eliminating tension and stress.


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