How To Lose Weight With Skipping Rope

skipping rope

Training with a rope strengthens the cardiovascular system, develops endurance, helps to lose weight. he jump rope for weight loss is used by volleyball players, wrestlers, skaters. In an hour of intense skipping rope, you can burn up to 1000 calories. For comparison: an ellipse cardio allows you to burn 700 calories per hour.

You can learn to work with a rope at any age. Girls spend a lot of time in the yard, playing with a rope. But when, after 15 years, they take on a well-known sports equipment, they often cannot repeat their children’s fun. It’s all overweight. Jump rope – a wonderful way to remember the joyful sensations of childhood and throw off the unnecessary burden.

How to choose the right rope

  • Take both handles of the rope in your hand, stretch your arm at chest level. The length of the rolling pin will be optimal if its lower end reaches the floor.
  • We take the rope by the handles, step on the middle of the legs, pulling the rope along the torso. The handles of the projectile should be at the level of the armpits.

What a rope to choose for home

The rope should not be either light or too heavy. The light rope will tangle, the wrists will get tired of the heavy cord.

  • The diameter of the  rope should be 0, 8 – 0.9 cm.
  • The cord  should be made of PVC or rubberized.
  • Handles  should be conveniently located in the palms.

The most expensive jump rope produced by manufacturers of professional sports equipment. The cords of such skipping ropes are made of wear-resistant material, and the device handles takes into account the anatomical features of the structure of the hand.

Types of skipping ropes

  • Speed rope.
  • Children’s jump rope.
  • Electronic jump rope equipped with a calorie counting counter.
  • Weighted jump rope.

Why is it useful to exercise on the rope

Jumping rope in a short time allows you to achieve a high heart rate, necessary to lose excess weight. The load on the joints and spine with a small. Rope working on the calf, arm muscles, shoulders, press. Occupations develop flexibility, develop a bearing, improve coordination of the movement.

The benefits of jumping rope and contraindications

Jump rope immediately sets a high pace. Jumping rope slowly very difficult. Therefore, before proceeding to classes, you need to consult with your doctor and listen to his recommendations. Training is prohibited for certain diseases.

  • Obesity is high.
  • Hypertension.
  • Headaches.
  • Diseases of the joints and spine.
  • Full stomach.

Exercises for skipping rope for weight loss

There are two types of jumps in terms of technique:

  1. Simple.
  2. Speedy.

Simple jumps are performed with medium intensity. When performing high-speed jumps, the rope turns around so fast that it is almost invisible. It is especially difficult to perform a double jump at high speed. When twisting, as a double-jump is otherwise called, two turns of the rope are made in one jump.

A set of exercises on the rope for a beginner

Especially actively burned calories during double jumps. Performing such jumps is possible only with a high degree of preparedness.

Start with a small load. 5-10 minutes is recommended to give warm-up. Finish training with a hitch – exercises that stretch working muscles.

Warm-up Procedure

  • Jumping on the spot without a rope – 1 minute.
  • We stretch the tendons and calf muscles: lie down on your back, lift your leg, put a jump rope on your heel and pull yourself. Make for the other leg.
  • Fold the rope and hold it with both hands, putting your hands shoulder-width apart. Raise your arms with a rope above your head and make a lead back with a small amplitude.
  • Pick up a rope folded in half, stretch your arms with the rope up. Do not bend your arms, make bends to the sides and forward at a quiet pace.

It is recommended to exercise on the rope daily for 15 minutes. If the exercise is difficult, you can replace it, reduce the pace. The main condition is not to stop, even if in steps, but to move, jump every day for 15 minutes.

When performing rotation, the wrists should be rotated, hands should be kept near the body, not spread widely, elbows kept slightly bent. You need to land on the pads, trying to soften the jump by bending your knees a little. The heel should not touch the floor. The jump is low, about 2 cm above the floor.

Doing the exercises is not necessary immediately with full amplitude and in full force. 15 minutes a day is enough for the necessary skills to emerge over time. As you lose weight, exercise will be easier. Perseverance and constancy will transform the figure, will give confidence in their abilities and health.

Nutrition after class

After doing the exercises, two hours cannot be eaten. You can drink clean non-carbonated water.

To consolidate the results, it is desirable to adhere to a healthy diet.

Jumping on a normal rope can not only magically transform a figure but also significantly improve health. Simple and accessible for all sports equipment in terms of efficiency is not inferior to expensive cardiovascular machines.

Reviews and results from exercises on the rope

Svetlana , 32 years old.

I do not have time to go on shaping. Occupations with a rope help me out. I am engaged in the second month, I lost weight, I lost almost 5 kg, a waist appeared. True, I also sit on a diet, after 6 hours I do not eat. I study every day, sometimes for 5 minutes, usually for 20 minutes.

Tatyana , 46 years old.

The first time I was able to jump rope only 10 minutes. I thought that it would not work, but somehow I got involved. Now I jump for 25-30 minutes. The weight goes away, but I would like to quickly get rid of the surplus. Probably need to go on a diet. Or maybe jump faster.



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