Examples of HIIT Exercises To Do At Home

Examples of HIIT Exercises To Do At Home

HIIT, the English acronym for High-Intensity Interval Training, is a training technique in which short periods of high-intensity aerobic exercise alternate, so as to bring the heart rate to maximum, at less intense recovery intervals active. HIIT can help improve endurance and burn calories and fat more effectively than constant heart rate workouts. At home you can perform several HIIT exercises, below we will see some examples.


Before doing any exercise you need to do the heating, while at the end of each workout it is good to proceed with the cooling to avoid cramps and muscle pains.


Race on the stairs

If you have a flight of stairs at home or even in the condominium, you can use it to perform a good HIIT workout to tone your legs and buttocks. Before starting the training session, do a five-minute warm-up, which may consist for example walking or jogging. The HIIT exercise involves running up the stairs at a fast and intense pace; arrived at the top, go down running slowly to recover. The intense intervals of HIIT, or the run up the stairs, must be performed at a difficult pace to sustain, without making a real sprint. Repeat the exercise for 10-20 times.


Jump with the rope

Jumping rope is an ideal aerobic workout for all those who want to train at home because it requires very little space and few means. Skipping the rope makes the muscles of the legs work, but also the upper part of the body. Before turning your rope-ski training into a HIIT session, you need to warm up for five minutes by doing some easy jumping. After that, alternate one or two minutes of jumping with the quick rope, or try to jump as high as possible, with one or two minutes of slow and light jumps. Repeat for 15-20 minutes.


Walking, jogging, running, sprinting

Regardless of age or fitness level, almost anyone can walk or jog on the treadmill or out of doors, on the streets of their neighborhood. If you are approaching the world of fitness for the first time, you can choose to alternate walks at a normal pace and walk a little more sustained. If, on the other hand, you are at a higher level, for example, you have been training for a month, try performing high-intensity intervals by making the run to further increase your heart rate and strain your leg muscles more. Those who have been practicing sports for a long time can do their HIIT training by alternating jogging or running at actual sprint intervals. After a warm-up of five minutes of walking, alternate between two minutes of walking / jogging / running and two minutes of greater intensity. Continue for 20-30 minutes.



Riding a bike, or using an exercise bike, is an excellent cardiovascular exercise that allows you to burn a lot of calories. The ideal would be to use the bike to ride outdoors so you do not get bored and take advantage of the variations of the route that you decide to do, such as the alternation of descents and climbs as well as the resistance offered by the wind. In any case, to transform a normal workout with the bike into a HIIT workout, after the initial warm-up consisting of five minutes of easy pedaling, switch to two minutes of pedaling at a normal pace and then two minutes at a sustained pace , just below the maximum speed. Perform at least 10 intense intervals before moving on to cooling, which is always consistent with 5 minutes of easy pedaling.


Free body exercises

Do a circuit of exercises using your body weight. Perform the exercises at a moderate pace for two minutes, followed by one minute at an intense pace. Start the circuit at a moderate pace, performing one minute of lunges in walking forward and one minute of light squat, followed by an intense minute of squat with jump. To make the exercise heavier, use the dumbbells during the jump squat. Continue at a moderate pace, with one minute of side lunges and one minute of V-shaped abdominals (V-ups), followed by an intense minute of burpees. End the circuit at a moderate pace, with one minute of lunges in walking back and one minute of dip on the bench (instead of on the bench you can hold on the stairs or a sturdy chair), followed by an intense minute of jumps with knees high (chest)



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