Breathing Exercises For Weight Loss

Breathing Exercises For Weight Loss

Not all people just lose weight – the diet is difficult to keep, it is exhausting, exercise and regular trips to the gym are sometimes unavailable due to lack of time and money. However, the problem of overweight haunts many, what to do? You can learn to breathe properly, while losing weight.


The effectiveness of breathing practices has been proved by time and by a large number of real examples: thanks to such exercises, thousands of people of different ages have become slimmer, have improved their health. Methods of proper breathing contribute to the activation of many important processes for losing weight:

  • blunting hunger;
  • improve digestion;
  • splitting body fat;
  • increase vivacity;
  • strengthen immunity.

Only 15 minutes of regular breathing exercises per day allow us to accelerate the loss of extra pounds many times, and to maintain a stable weight for a long time.

How it works

The quality of breathing depends on the amount of oxygen entering the blood. Its increase has a beneficial effect on major systems, including:

  • digestive – metabolic processes are activated;
  • excretory – toxic substances are removed;
  • endocrine, nervous – relieves stress, tension.

Respiratory gymnastics is the only weight loss option that contributes not only to a decrease in total body weight, but also to a local reduction of problem areas, which cannot be achieved by any other natural means.

Effect on digestion

Sustained weight loss or the emergence of new fat deposits is directly dependent on the speed of processing the incoming food into useful energy. It is oxygen that provides absorption of nutrients by the intestines, therefore its insufficient supply during the so-called “shallow” respiration significantly slows down the metabolism and the breakdown of fats.

Especially in this regard, the respiratory technique is useful for women 40 years and older, when unpleasant hormonal changes in the body begin to occur, as a result of which the metabolism worsens, overweight appears, usually in the abdomen or other problem areas. At this age, even workout diets are often powerless. But special breathing techniques that ensure sufficient oxygenation of the blood can slow down age-related changes, preventing the appearance of extra pounds. In fact, such a system is indispensable for the rapid slimming of the abdomen at any age. In normal workouts or diets, it is these fat deposits that are the most difficult to break down, while special breathing techniques can get rid of them in the first place.

Cleansing the body

Respiratory exercises contribute to the active removal of harmful substances accumulated in fat cells. About 70% of these toxins can be converted to a gaseous state, and then just exhale with proper breathing. Also, oxygen oxidizes fatty deposits, contributing to more rapid destruction of fat cells, which leads to weight loss with a decrease in the volume of all problem areas.

Relieving Stress and Overeating

Another beneficial effect of respiratory practice is the reduction of stress hormones in the blood. Due to this effect, it is possible to eliminate one of the main causes of overweight associated with the habit of “sticking” stress.

Any breathing exercises for fast weight loss are based on one principle: a specially designed inhalation-exhalation scheme promotes more oxygen than normal breathing, and the exercises performed during this exercise ensure its influx to problem areas and activate all fat burning processes in the body.

To obtain the above results, you just need to start breathing correctly, combining special breathing techniques with simple workouts. Such training is not associated with great efforts, does not require much time for classes, but must necessarily be carried out with strict observance of all requirements.

Proper weight loss with breathing exercises

For classes to be effective and bring real benefits, any such technique requires adherence to three basic rules:

  • training should be regular, and the decisive role is not intensity, but constancy;
  • one should not combine exercises with a very strict diet, it is enough to switch to a proper diet, because with such trainings a huge amount of energy is expended, which must be replenished;
  • you need to do it only on an empty stomach (with the exception of the Oxyseize technique), the best time for this is the morning time, immediately after waking up or at any other time – three hours after eating.

How to do breathing and exercise correctly and how to combine them with each other, each method is described in its own way. There are many nuances, the accuracy of which depends on the effectiveness of the final result.


There are several main types of respiratory techniques, most of which are an independent therapeutic and prophylactic program, which is perfectly combined with other activities aimed at losing weight. Also, breathing exercises are often part of a wellness practice, such as yoga.

The most common types of such techniques include:

  • Bodyflex;
  • Oxysize;
  • Strelnikova;
  • Jianfei;
  • Qigong

In addition, there is a separate breathing exercises for fast weight loss of the abdomen, which is most in demand among people with excess weight, because it helps to reduce the most problematic area and very quickly gives visible results.

Breathing exercises for the abdomen

This technique differs from all the others in that the complex of exercises, which is carried out in combination with the correct breathing, is aimed at training not the whole body, but only the press and the waist. Although this has a positive effect on the entire body, since oxygen activates all the processes necessary for its vital activity.

Universal technique

Before you engage in this system, you should master a special technique of diaphragmatic breathing, having learned:

  • take a quick breath in your nose;
  • exhale slowly through the mouth on six bills.

Also an important condition for such exercises is a strong tension of the abdominal muscles with each exhalation and relaxation during inhalation.

For women 40 years and older

A special breathing system for middle-aged or older women helps to remove fat deposits on the abdomen, which spoil the figure very much. The complex consists of 4 exercises and is performed as a morning exercise for 15 minutes. Breathe as follows:

  • slowly inhale with the nose, slowly exhale with the mouth;
  • slowly inhale with the nose, exhale with two sharp exhalations through the nose;
  • slowly inhale with the nose, slowly exhale through the nose, then take two sharp dovydokha;
  • slowly inhale with the nose, exhale a little through the nose, finish exhaling with the mouth.

With each breath, you should maximally draw in the stomach, while exhaling, relax and protrude. All exercises are repeated three times in a row, and then in a circle.

Daily exercise of these exercises helps to very quickly bring back the press, tighten the stomach, reduce the waist. However, more effective for losing weight is not an exercise for individual muscles, but for the whole body in a complex. Therefore, it is better to pay attention to one of the most famous breathing practices in the world – body flex. This unique system was developed by a 53-year-old mother of three children, who was able to switch from 56 to 44 clothes with her help.


The bodyflex program is based on a combination of aerobic respiration and special exercises-poses. Classes are performed at a slow pace, but at the same time provide a load several times higher than running or strength exercises.

Features of the technique

Bodyflex, like most of these programs, also involves breathing a diaphragm, but its feature is that when you perform certain exercises, you need to make quite loud sounds. In this case, inhalation is always done through the nose, exhalation through the mouth. One breathing exercise lasts 22 seconds, but they do not need to be counted – if done correctly, everything will turn out by itself.

The breathing pattern is as follows:

  • exhale all the air, then breathe its remnants, slightly rounded and lips stretched forward;
  • quickly, sharply, take a deep breath, as after a prolonged lack of air;
  • hold your breath for 3 seconds;
  • exhale sharply as follows: strongly open the mouth, strain the diaphragm and abdominal muscles, make an explosive exhalation with the sound “pa-hhh”;
  • hold your breath as far as possible (recommended on eight counts), maximally pulling in the stomach;
  • breathe in deeply, loosening all your muscles so that you get a “shhh” sound.

Even one such exercise contributes to enhanced oxygen supply, which activates the splitting of fats, causes a rise in mood, improves well-being, and fills the body with energy.

Simultaneously with the respiratory, body exercises are performed physical exercises, which are divided into three types:

  • isometric working with one muscle group;
  • isotonic, forcing several muscle groups to work;
  • tensile, aimed at the development of elasticity.

It is thanks to this integrated approach that the visible results are quickly obtained.

Training results

A large amount of oxygen entering the blood during aerobic respiration contributes to the activation of important for weight loss processes:

  • metabolism speeds up, digestion is getting better;
  • lymph flow is enhanced, which improves the excretion of harmful substances;
  • increases the intensity of the reduction of the stomach, contributing to a decrease in its volume;
  • splitting of fat is activated, thanks to which the subcutaneous fat layer disappears.

As a result of regular workouts observed:

  • volume reduction;
  • cellulite removal;
  • getting rid of emotional tension, mood increase;
  • improving skin condition;
  • normalization of all systems, organs, processes;
  • general recovery, body rejuvenation;
  • gaining flexibility, elegance, grace.

This technique does not require a lot of time, is suitable for all ages and provides quick obtaining of the visible effect – in one week you can get rid of 5-10 cm in volume.

Only one hour of bodyflex allows you to burn 3500 kcal, while at the same length of time jumping rope burns 150 kcal, aerobic exercises – 250 kcal, running – 700 kcal.

The uniqueness of the bodyflex system is manifested in the fact that it simultaneously reduces total volumes, correcting specific problem areas. However, such a high load is not suitable for every organism, so you need to proceed with caution, taking into account contraindications and possible consequences.


Bodyflex is prohibited to engage in the presence of:

  • serious cardiovascular diseases;
  • high blood pressure;
  • spinal problems (postoperative period, the presence of implants);
  • acute inflammatory or infectious processes;
  • exacerbations of chronic diseases;
  • tumor neoplasms;
  • any bleeding;
  • of pregnancy.

Another limitation – you can not perform breathing exercises bodyflex on a full stomach, otherwise nausea or vomiting is possible. You only need to do it on an empty stomach, best of all, if it is morning time immediately after waking up, or later, but three hours after eating. Training should be carried out in the open air or in a well-ventilated room. Also, you should not start classes without first mastering the breathing technique, which usually requires about 4 weeks of daily training.

If the bodyflex system is not suitable for any parameters or seems too rigid, you can pay attention to another method – oxysize. The mechanism of weight loss is the same here, but it is based on a softer breathing system without sharp exhalations, therefore such breathing exercises are suitable for absolutely everyone.


Oxisize is an innovative American American weight loss program, Jill Johnson, very similar to the bodyflex technique, but with some differences. The main advantages are that this program has absolutely no contraindications, and classes can be held even after eating. On the other hand, such a system is suitable only for those who have excess weight associated with excess body fat. If you need to get rid of muscle mass, oxysease will not bring significant benefits.

Features of the technique

This technique is based on the combination of continuous diaphragmatic breathing with a certain load on specific muscles. Its main feature is the breathing cycle for one exercise, which is performed according to a special scheme:

  • one breath;
  • three blows;
  • one exhale;
  • Three dovydoha.

Unlike bodyflex, exercises are performed with constant breathing without delays and without sharply drawing the abdomen under the ribs, which makes this technique less stressful for the body.

Training results

Oksisayz primarily fights with excess volumes, almost without reducing weight, because it eliminates only fat, which has a small mass. But if during classes to observe proper nutrition, you can simultaneously get rid of extra pounds. The author of this program recommends four meals a day with a predominance of natural products and the rejection of all junk food. At the same time, one cannot reduce the calorie intake too much – it should be 1500-1700 calories.

Since such an oxygen technique works more for burning fat, the greatest efficiency is achieved in combating cellulite and reducing problem areas – the abdomen, hands, thighs, which usually have the most deposits. If it is necessary to remove not only fat, but also to become more elegant, by reducing muscle volumes, Strelnikova’s weight loss system will be more suitable.

Respiratory gymnastics Strelnikova

The method of proper breathing, developed by Alexandra Strelnikova, was originally intended for the treatment of respiratory organs. But, since with regular exercises a significant decrease in the volume of the body was noticed, they began to use such a system for the purpose of losing weight.

Features of the technique

Strelnikova respiratory gymnastics is considered “paradoxical”, since it represents a large number of fast movements, after which breaths are performed with a non-expanding rib cage. To achieve a positive result of weight loss for this program requires the observance of several important rules:

  • the core of the class is “inhale” — it must be sharp, noisy, resembling a sniffing nose;
  • exhalation follows after each inhalation – it must be completely natural without delay or ejection of air;
  • all movements are performed while inhaling at the pace of the drill;
  • the number of approaches and breaths should be increased gradually, while the number of approaches should always remain a multiple of 4, the number of breaths – 8;
  • a break between approaches – 3-5 seconds.

Regular exercise of such exercises leads to an increase in the volume of the lungs, it develops the habit of breathing correctly, and maintains an accelerated metabolism in the future.

Training results

The effectiveness of the Strelnikova system is based on the acceleration of metabolism, which is achieved due to the fact that the air during short and sharp breaths penetrates the lungs as deeply as possible and supplies a large amount of oxygen to the blood. Due to this, a number of processes are launched:

  • improves blood flow, lymph flow;
  • metabolism is activated;
  • consumes a significant amount of internal energy;
  • subcutaneous fat breaks down to provide this energy;
  • neuropsychiatric disorders are eliminated;
  • raises a tone, mood improves;
  • removed local stagnation.

Thanks to these actions, weight is not returned, and acquired harmony is not lost over time. In addition, the system Strelnikova helps not only to lose weight, but also to improve health, strengthen the body, prevent the development of many diseases. However, before you begin to engage, you should make sure that there are contraindications.


It is believed that the system Strelnikova fits all and has no contraindications. But practicing this technique is not recommended in the following cases:

  • acute states with heat;
  • severe disruption of the organs or systems;
  • acute thrombophlebitis.

In addition, you should not treat this system as a single method of weight loss. It will only work simultaneously with proper nutrition and exercise. In order to lose weight without diets and sports activities, the Chinese Jianfei method is better suited. According to Rosa Yu Bin, who first presented this system in Russia, for 2 months she got rid of 10 kg, without undertaking anything for this except breathing exercises.

Chinese gymnastics jianfei

The principle of losing weight with the help of jianfei is based on the fact that such exercises help to dull the appetite and significantly reduce the amount of food consumed. This type of respiratory system is also based on diaphragmatic (abdominal) breathing, but with the simultaneous performance of only three simple exercises, postures.

Features of the technique

The practice of correct breathing according to the method of jianfei can dramatically change not only the figure, but even the inner world of a person. Before you do these exercises, you need to clear your mind, focusing on the goal.

While many diets do not always give the expected weight loss, often even harmful to health, Chinese gymnastics jianfei is not only effective and safe, but even necessary for a person. When it is executed, the body’s own powers are activated, its self-healing processes are activated.

The execution technique is a consistent combination of “upper” and “lower” breathing, while the inhale-exhale technique is separate for each exercise:

  • “Wave” – a deep slow breath with a pulling in of the abdomen and raising the chest, then a second delay and the same exhale with a protrusion of the abdomen and drawing in of the chest;
  • “Frog” – alternation of breaths-exhalations by mouth and nose with breath holding for 3-5 seconds and complete filling of the abdomen with air;
  • “Lotus” – you need to breathe in three stages: the first five minutes to control inhale and exhale, making them deep, slow, without lifting the abdomen and chest; then five minutes – a natural uncontrollable inhalation, then the same as at the first stage a deep, long, relaxing exhalation; at the end of ten minutes just breathing naturally, not paying attention to the depth and rhythm.

Performing all three of these exercises, you can achieve a significant weight loss and overall recovery. In addition, each of them has its own directional action:

  • “Wave” reduces appetite, eliminates the feeling of hunger, contributes to a more rapid saturation, it can be done before, or instead of, food;
  • “Frog” normalizes blood circulation, accelerates metabolism, improves the gastrointestinal tract;
  • “Lotus” eliminates fatigue, soothes, gives energy.

You can perform the whole complex at once or each exercise separately with a different frequency depending on the needs of the organism or the presence of specific problems.

Training results

Jianfei gymnastics promotes oxygenation of all organs, which contributes to:

  • metabolism improvement;
  • normalization of water-salt balance;
  • restoration of tissue gas exchange;
  • strengthening and healing the body.

In addition to eliminating hunger, jianfei workouts relieve fatigue and tension, normalize important processes in the body. Due to this, a person gets rid of extra pounds gradually, without harm to health.

The result of losing weight on this system depends on compliance with the recommended rules and systematic training. If everything is done correctly, the weight loss will begin literally from the second day, and after 3 months you can get rid of 8-12 kilograms.


Of these three exercises, contraindications exist only in the “frog” – it is not recommended to do it:

  • during pregnancy;
  • in diseases of the spine;
  • in the postoperative period;
  • with a tendency to internal bleeding.

Exercises “wave” and “frog” must be performed on an empty stomach. “Lotus” is only a posture for meditation, not requiring any effort, and therefore has no restrictions. The result on such a system is achieved stably, but rather slowly. For accelerated weight loss, but no less useful, the ancient Chinese practice of qigong is more suitable.


Qigong is a system of traditional exercises, which appeared on the basis of Taoist psychopedic practitioners, aimed at healing the body and soul. It includes a whole range of different techniques, of which a combination of a special diet and a special breathing technique is used for weight loss.

Features of the technique

Qigong respiratory gymnastics is part of a recreational practice and is based on a combination of a special breathing technique with a healthy diet. Diet requires adherence to several principles:

  • the harmony of all tastes: salty, sweet, bitter, sour, sharp;
  • rejection of meat;
  • lack of overeating;
  • dinner 4 hours before bedtime.

No more restrictions, everything else – according to the rules of a balanced diet. But it is extremely important to perform breathing exercises correctly simultaneously with the normalization of the diet.

At its core, qigong is not so much gymnastics as it is working with Qi energy, the free flow of which ensures the health of the body. A feature of this system is the presence of a large number of types of breathing, the main of which are:

  • natural – shallow, free, soft, long;
  • direct abdominal – performed with the help of the abdomen: protrusion on the inhale, retracting on the exhale;
  • reverse abdominal – opposite to the direct one: inhaling while inhaling, protruding as you exhale;
  • with delays – after inhalation or exhalation of different duration;
  • latent – filiform, almost imperceptible to others.

All of these types of breathing can be combined with each other, forming other species.

In addition, there are many exercises in qigong, which are divided into three categories:

  • static;
  • dynamic;
  • on balance and coordination.

They are not all done at once. Here the main thing is to carefully work out one movement and only after that start another.

Training results

Chinese breathing exercises allow you to control weight without feeling hungry or tired from exercise. As a result of classes:

  • blood is enriched with oxygen, improves blood flow, which reduces appetite, clears the mind;
  • eliminates stress and tension leading to overeating;
  • increases the rate of metabolic processes;
  • diseases that cause obesity are cured;
  • muscles strengthen;
  • increases tissue elasticity.

In addition, qigong can be built so as to get rid of specific problems, taking into account the individual characteristics of the organism.


It is not recommended to engage in qigong gymnastics with very strong fatigue, after insomnia or strong nervous tension. Only a calm state will provide maximum effect. Immediately before classes and after them nothing cold can be consumed, since it is believed that such food takes the energy of the stomach and negates the benefits of any exercise. In addition, there is a whole list of conditions in which qigong practitioners are contraindicated:

  • general severity or weakness;
  • mental disorders;
  • cardiovascular disorders;
  • blood disorders;
  • problems of the musculoskeletal system;
  • strong pathology of the body;
  • recurrence of chronic diseases;
  • taking potent drugs;
  • the postoperative period;
  • severe deviations from normal body temperature;
  • too intense exercise.

It should be noted that even with contraindications, the practice of qigong can be effective, but it can be practiced exclusively under the guidance of a Master.

In addition, there are other complexes of respiratory gymnastics, which can be used instead of qigong. You should know that of all the breathing techniques women are not recommended only the Indian system of yogis – the so-called pranayama, because it ages the face.


Having decided to lose weight or heal with the help of breathing exercises, you need to consciously choose the type that best suits your goals, individual characteristics, needs and problems of the body, taking into account the state of health, character and lifestyle. Only with the right approach and strict adherence to all recommendations can you really not only lose weight but also improve your quality.



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