Belly Dance For Weight Loss: Dance Your Way To A Better Body!

Belly Dance For Weight Loss

Since everything new and beautiful is very interesting and attracts people, belly dancing has been very much loved in Russia for some time, not only women, but also men. This type of dance came to us from the Middle East, which is why it is often called the east.

The main feature is that it involves mainly the stomach, and the rest of the body only complements and decorates the movements, turning them into a real erotic dance.

In the East, belly dancing from ancient times was considered not as a means for losing weight, but as the main art of seduction, with the help of which women fascinated and seduced their men, and more recently our Russian beauties actively use oriental charms for the same purpose.

Thanks to bright and frank outfits, now belly dancing is viewed more as a fascinating show on which to earn money, or as part of fitness.

What are the benefits of belly dancing for the body?

To begin with, it is worth noting that it is this dance that has the most positive effect on women’s health.

  1. First, thanks to the exercises, you can get rid of many gynecological diseases, due to the active flow of blood to the genitals.
  2. Secondly, strengthen and give elasticity to the muscles involved in childbirth.
  3. Third, lose weight and turn the figure into a real masterpiece with a thin waist, elastic booty and tight muscles on the hands and feet.

The metabolism is also normalized, and this helps to improve the condition of hair, nails, and skin. Unlike other dances, thanks to the smoothness of all movements, belly dancing eliminates various injuries and stretches, so even pregnant women can do it, of course, under the guidance of the attending physician. And, of course, it gives women confidence in themselves and in their attractiveness, thereby improving mood and increasing self-esteem.

Are belly dancing effective for weight loss?

In addition to the fact that belly dancing burns about 400 kcal per hour of training, it contributes to the fact that a woman begins to eat less food than usual. All this is due to the good mood that is created in the dance, because when a person is happy, he does not need to look for antidepressants, which often become foods, especially flour.

Oriental dance may well replace the usual fitness, which many go without much pleasure, taking it as the only measure for losing weight. In contrast, the belly dance and body shape improves, and teaches beautiful movement, which allows the practitioner to feel like a real seducing woman.

If you want to not only lose those extra pounds, but also to build muscle mass, then you can combine exercises with some strength exercises.

On this issue, it is best to consult with the coach, so that he would recommend and make a complex for you, relying on individual physical training.

The only thing worth considering for losing weight is to combine exercises with a balanced diet, and also not to start training on a full stomach.

Where to learn to dance?

Absolutely any girl can learn belly dancing, because everyone wants to be desired and seductive for her man. There are several options to master the oriental skill

  1. First , you can enroll in courses where you will be in a group,
  2. Secondly , you can independently master the course by purchasing a special CD with a tutorial.

Thus, everyone chooses for himself the most acceptable option, and at will, and for money. Of course, doing at home is much more profitable than in the studio, however, to whom, what you like.

Now in the markets or in shops there is necessarily an eastern department, where you can purchase all the necessary attributes for practicing: a suit with coins, bracelets, necklaces, earrings, etc. At home, you can not just master the basics of this erotic dance, but also apply fantasy by adding some elements, for example, a scarf, a candelabrum, a saber, as do Oriental mistresses.

If you want to definitely engage in a group, then on the Internet you will definitely find many dance schools that teach including oriental. You can usually make an appointment for a one-time visit or, if you like, purchase a monthly subscription.

Contraindications for belly dancing

At the initial stage, belly dancing does not have any special contraindications – it is suitable for almost everyone to lose weight, but as the intensity of training is worth considering several factors. For example, it is not recommended to perform certain movements for people with heart failure, problems of the musculoskeletal system, spinal disorder, diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, as well as individual features, such as contraindications for stretching and sagging.

It is also important to take into account age-related features, so after 50 years of age it is best to limit yourself to light dancing elements without much shaking and striking.

In general, with the right approach, oriental dances do not bring harm, but only one benefit, especially to the fair sex.

Basic movements (exercises) of belly dance

Rocking. It represents the movement of the hips up and down. Stand straight, bend your knees slightly, start lifting your hips, without turning the body.

Wave. This exercise involves only the hips, and the upper part remains motionless. Describe the circumference of the hips in the direction from top to bottom, while performing small steps forward.

Eight. You need to mentally imagine a figure eight at the waist level and describe it with your hips. Eight in belly dancing can be deep – for slimming the sides, in this case, the hips are maximally set aside and goes up.

Circles. They can be performed and hips and chest. In both cases, you need to describe the circle with the highest possible deflections.

Belly, buttocks and thigh bumps. Toss the belly up due to the movement of the hips, after which he should relax in a relaxed position and return to the starting position. When striking the buttocks, it is necessary to lift them up sharply and fix them for a moment. When hip blows need to get one hip up to the top and also fix this position.

Pendulum. Bring the right thigh to the side, and the venture upwards towards the armpit, lower it diagonally down and do the same with the left thigh.

Shaking They can be completely different. Allocate shaking belly, hands, hips, as well as vertical shaking and shaking on the go. In all cases, it is a vibrating motion. At first, you will not be able to perform it for more than one or two minutes, because the tempo is lost very quickly, and all the muscles get tired. However, over time, this exercise will not be any difficulty for you. By the way, some dances generally consist of one shaking and last for 10-15 minutes.

Belly dance for weight loss for beginners

To maximize the effectiveness of belly dancing, you must consider a few basic recommendations:

  • Classes must be systematic, and to achieve this, you need to have a clear incentive or a specific motivation.
  • Take a training course and exercises for beginners.
  • Set a clear goal for your classes. If it is necessary for weight loss, then choose exercises with an emphasis on problem areas.
  • Be sure to purchase a special suit or leotard to class in a comfortable environment.
  • Take a towel, water and socks to the training.
  • If you do not want to engage in a group under the guidance of a coach, then at least consult with him which training program is best for you to use.
  • Choose the characteristic music for classes, which will create the necessary atmosphere of mystery and mystery of the East.

Do not forget that even the first lesson is worth the money, so if you want to not only sign up but also to visit it, take a wallet with you.

Reviews of people practicing belly dancing

Marina: “… For several months I was actively engaged in fitness to lose weight, but then a friend took me with her to one belly dance class, and I literally fell in love with him. Even it became a pity that I spent so much time on these push-ups and “rocking”, not knowing that there is a more entertaining and fun way to lose weight.

At the moment, both the weight and the figure suit me, but I do it purely for the soul, because, while dancing, I feel very sexy and passionate … ”

Albina: “… No wonder they say that movement is life, and every dance is its small part. I myself was convinced of this literally a couple of weeks ago. I will say right away that by nature I am very lazy, so I have never thought about any fitness or gym. However, belly dancing from the first movements literally took me to the fabulous world of the East. Now, not only my figure was corrected, but also my relationship with my husband, because he is crazy about how I dance … ”.

Oksana: “… I read about the benefits of belly dancing from a brochure at the Eastern Fair. Honestly, I didn’t believe in their effectiveness, especially that they can help with gynecological diseases. I had a problem with the menstrual cycle for a long time, I was bothered by unpleasant cutting pains in the lower abdomen. Being engaged in dancing for half a year, my cycle was tuned, and the critical days began to pass almost painlessly and much more comfortable than before … ”.


Thus, in addition to the healing effect, belly dancing contributes to the fact that the woman reveals all her sexuality and seductiveness because all the elements are chosen specifically for this.

If you want to surprise your loved one, be sure to learn a few movements and arrange a romantic evening with an unexpected ending, where you will play the role of a fatal oriental beauty. I assure you, no man will remain indifferent to such a gift, and you will become for him even more beloved and desired.

Immerse yourself in the mysterious world of intriguing dances and create your beautiful oriental tale!


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