Aqua Aerobics Exercises To Lose Weight

Aqua Aerobics Exercises To Lose Weight

Water aerobics – a complex of aerobic exercises that are performed in the water. To overcome the resistance of the aquatic environment, the body spends additional calories, so even a small physical effort brings tangible benefits. Classes are held in the pool to the music, often with the use of dance elements.

Training in water allows you to relieve tension, get rid of fatigue, recharge your mood and vitality.

The benefits of aqua aerobics

In water, the body weighs much less, which makes it impossible to injure from falls, shocks. The spine and joints get rest and time to restore the cartilage tissue. Water resistance makes movement difficult and slow. In the water, it is impossible to make a sharp movement and get injured as a result.

Training in the pool allows you to deal with diseases of the back, joint pain, with problems in the cervical spine.

Exercises in water are allowed for pregnant women. During classes, the water acts as a hydromassage, gently massages the skin. If you connect swimming to aqua aerobics, the massage properties of water are enhanced even more and allow you to get rid of cellulite. In water, there are no differences in sex and age, full people do not experience discomfort from the neighborhood with slender, fit people, they do it with joy and pleasure.

Even those who cannot swim can easily do the exercises All elements of the movements are made at a shallow depth, for training they issue special belts that help them to float.

To enhance the resistance of water use special dumbbells for aqua aerobics, they increase the load. Almost 90% of weight a person loses in water. The body feels extraordinary lightness and freedom, while training in the pool is a surprisingly positive attitude.

After a workout in the muscles does not arise pain , so well known to all athletes, from the accumulation of lactic acid. Hydromassage promotes the removal of acid from the muscles, struggling with cellulite, smoothing the skin.

The disadvantages of aqua aerobics

Cold water is contraindicated in some diseases of the spine. Hypothermia can cause deterioration of the patient. It is not recommended to engage in water aerobics for people who have had a heart attack, suffer from heart disease, lung, with chronic otitis media. Chlorination of water in the pool can cause asthma attacks, cause allergies.

Getting to classes is necessary only after a comprehensive medical examination.


Common mistakes

Before classes, be sure to warm up on land, warming up the muscles, kneading the joints. After completing the complex, final stretching exercises are performed on the muscles, especially those who have worked hard.

For a beginner, the time spent in the pool should not exceed 45 minutes , especially if he is over 50 years old. At this age, you need to strictly control the pulse rate. You can not start classes with poor health, overwork, loads should increase gradually.

Do not abruptly enter the water. On the surface of the skin is a large number of small blood vessels, from a rapid change in temperature, they can sharply shrink, triggering a heart attack. You can not engage earlier than two hours after eating for a similar reason: the blood rushes to the organs of the digestive system, muscles and brain receive insufficient amount of oxygen. Classes after a hearty meal can lead to cramps.

A set of exercises for weight loss

Exercise number 0. Warm up (held on land)

The muscles are warmed up by walking on the spot with a high lift of the hip, which passes from a run to the spot. Perform 2 minutes.

  • Standing to make head turns to the side, the rotation of the shoulders. 8-10 repetitions each.
  • Legs put shoulder width apart. Perform the slopes. Repeat 8 times.
  • Stretch your arms in front of you at chest level. Make legs kicking, trying to get your hands.

Exercise number 1. Running in the water

  • Perform the exercise 10 – 20 minutes. All the leg muscles work, exercise helps to get rid of cellulite.

Exercise number 2. Jumping

  • Jump out of the water, turning the body in a jump to the right – to the left. Make 8 – 10 jumps.

Jumps train the heart and blood vessels.

Exercise number 3. Body slopes

  • Feet shoulder width apart. Make 4 tilt to the left, 4 tilt to the right, 4 tilt forward. Perform the slopes a minute.

Exercise number 4. Lunges forward

  • Hands raised up. Lunge with your right foot while simultaneously turning the body to the right.
  • Return to the original position.
  • Repeat for left foot.

Make 15 – 20 lunges with each foot.

Exercise number 5. Knee lift to chest

  • The right and left knee alternately rise up and pressed against the chest. When doing the exercise, the back should be straight.

Exercise number 6. Knee and elbow reduction

  • Raise the left knee to the chest, at the same time turning the body and trying to reach the knee with the right elbow.
  • Return to the original position.
  • Repeat for right knee and left elbow.

Perform the exercise 20 times on each side.

Exercise number 7. Bent knee lift to the side

  • To bend the bent right knee to the side, translate forward, return to the side, lower.
  • The same knee to raise to the side, then bring him back, return to the side, lower.
  • Run for the left knee.

Repeat the exercise 15 -20 times for each leg.

Exercise number 8. Jumping with swaying torso

  • Jump alternately on one leg, leaving the other behind, swaying the torso.

Strengthens the lower back, helps to get rid of pain in osteochondrosis.

Exercise number 9. For the inner thighs

  • Grasp the support or lean on the side, hold the ball with your knees.
  • Straining the muscles, try to lower the legs with the ball under the water. Perform 2 – 3 minutes.

Exercise number 10. The combination of swings foot and body turns

  • Pushing with one foot, with the other foot, swing and turn the body, helping yourself with your hands.
  • Change legs.

Exercise number 11. Squatting

  • Crouch, arms above your head.
  • Push to jump, trying to jump out of the water and helping yourself with your hands.

Perform 25 – 30 jumps with squats.

Exercise number 12. Kicks

  • Hands extended in front of you. Leg bent at the knee, lift up, straighten, striking.
  • Return to the original position.

Make 25 -30 strokes for each leg.

Exercise number 13. Scissors

  • Lying on your back, hands take up the side. Legs slightly bent at the knees. Dilute and reduce the legs, gradually increasing the pace. Do 25 – 30 times.

Exercise number 14. Dumbbell hand raising

  • To pick up a dumbbell, go to the depth, the water should reach the neck. Hands stretch in front of you.
  • When contracting chest muscles, join and cross arms in front of you.
  • Return the hands to the starting position.
  • Cutting the muscles in the area of the shoulder blades, open arms to the side, trying to get behind the back.

Tips for training in the water

  1. The amount of calories consumed depends on the depth at which training is conducted.
  2. For weight loss is better to do at a water temperature not higher than 25 degrees. In the pool with a water temperature of up to 30 degrees, they are engaged in diseases of the spine, in cases where it is not recommended to supercool when performing a complex to develop flexibility.
  3. Keep a bottle of water next to you. During occupations in the pool there is a sweat allocation, as well as at other types of aerobics.
  4. It is more convenient to engage in a closed bathing suit.
  5. If you have to engage in an outdoor pool, be sure to wear a cap.

People reviews

Anna , 31 years old.

It has long been going to do water aerobics, finally gathered and came to the gym. Great fun to jump in the water, just dive into the water and disconnect from the problems. I’ve been going for two months, I lost weight, though not very much, only 4 kg. Like, I will continue to go to workouts.

Marina E. , 48 years old.

I love water, swim well, I often go to the pool. Water aerobics do month. I like to work in a group with music, one is not so interesting. Everyone is smiling, the mood is beautiful. The weight goes away, I didn’t even expect to lose weight so quickly, I dropped 6 kg already.

Olga , 38 years old.

Came by chance with a friend. A friend does not go now: family, work. But I got involved. Especially to lose weight and did not try. Somehow it just happened, the extra weight left, cellulite disappeared. In total for half a year 8 kg left.


The principles of aerobics are used in aqua-aerobics classes: 20 minutes of work with a high pulse rate, the training program adapts the usual exercises for the aquatic environment. Success has been achieved with aqua aerobics for weight loss in people with overweight, with varicose veins, problems with the musculoskeletal system.


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