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Top 24 best yoga poses for weight loss

Top 24 best yoga poses for weight loss

We all want to lose weight quickly and be healthy, right? But what does most of us do for this? We make a firm decision to...
Qigong To Lose Weight

Qigong To Lose Weight

Rare girls are happy with their figure - and this fact is indisputable. Most of them can spend hours looking at themselves in the mirror,...
types of yoga

21 Types of Yoga. Which One to Choose?

When you start practicing yoga, you will quickly find that there is a certain rift in the ranks of the adepts. And the words “this...
Rowing Exercises to Lose Belly Fat

Rowing to Lose Belly Fat And Tone Up Your Body

The rower is an excellent tool to train at home and seek better physical condition by bringing back the feelings of rowing. It's the...
yoga for pregnant women

Yoga for pregnant women (Prenatal Yoga): tips and exercises

Yoga classes during pregnancy are becoming more and more popular, and this is not accidental: the centuries-old practice of working with the body best allows you...