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Benefits of Climbing Stairs Workout & Tips

Benefits of Climbing Stairs: Workout & Tips

You are already fully gathered for a morning or evening run, went outside, and then it started to rain. Is the workout spoiled and it...
yoga poses for weight loss in the abdominal area

13 Yoga Poses For Weight Loss In The Abdominal Area

Yoga is a universal system of psychophysical training. With the right approach will help develop flexibility, lose weight, improve concentration, strengthen the muscular corset. Yoga has...
Recovery Yoga After Childbirth

Recovery Yoga After Childbirth

One of the the most important period in a woman’s life is maternity. However, after giving birth, young mommies experience symptoms of postpartum depression...
yoga for weight loss

Yoga For Weight Loss

In the case of a reasonable diet, regular yoga can lose weight, but the weight loss efficiency is relatively slow, in terms of calorie consumption, less than...
4 Yoga Poses For Beautiful Buttocks _ main

4 Yoga Poses For Beautiful Buttocks

Are you sitting now? In this case, strain your buttocks, and then relax. Transferring body weight to relaxed muscles (you do this when sitting) results in...