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Belly Dance For Weight Loss

Belly Dance For Weight Loss: Dance Your Way To A Better Body!

Since everything new and beautiful is very interesting and attracts people, belly dancing has been very much loved in Russia for some time, not...
Pilates To Lose Weight

Pilates To Lose Weight

In our country, Pilates has become popular relatively recently due to various celebrities who are fond of this area, and gradually spread among the...
Recovery Yoga After Childbirth

Recovery Yoga After Childbirth

One of the the most important period in a woman’s life is maternity. However, after giving birth, young mommies experience symptoms of postpartum depression...
Step Aerobics

Step Aerobics For Weight Loss At Home

It is considered that fitness is hard work, which often brings no pleasure. However, despite the fact that sometimes they can really be very tiring,...
Yoga For Beautiful Skin

Yoga For Beautiful Skin – 5 poses you need to practice

Virtually all yoga poses benefit the skin. The postures we discuss below are particularly helpful and powerful due to improved blood circulation, stress reduction and...